Friday, August 31, 2012

Tigers 7 White Sox 4: Wasted Oppurtunities

So maybe I was better off not being able to watch this one live.

My god, where to begin?

Game #131: White Sox at Tigers

WHITE SOX  72-58 Jake Peavy9-9 3.09 ERA 6:05 PM
TIGERS69-61Doug Fister 7-8 3.67 ERA

The biggest series of the season starts tonight, and I'm not going to be able to watch it live with the rest of you. Don't worry, though, that's why god invented DVRs.

And I'll be with you in spirit.

Today's Bet: White Sox +128
Total: $108.98

American League Power Rankings: Week 21

For the first time in a while, the team that was in first place last week is still in first place this week. So congratulations to the Rangers for finally getting a firm grasp on the top spot.

Of course, just because the team at the top is still the same, that doesn't mean all the teams below Texas didn't swap a position or three.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Orioles 5 White Sox 3 : This One Was For The Birds

I don't have a lot of time to recap this game thanks to work, but this game doesn't deserve much of a recap anyway. Jose Quintana looked great against the first eight batters he faced and then the wheels came off.

Game #130: White Sox at Orioles

WHITE SOX  71-55 Jose Quintana 5-2 2.86 ERA 11:35 AM
ORIOLES69-57Zach Britton3-1 5.59 ERA

Considering how this series started it's amazing to know that the Sox have actually gained ground on the Tigers since it began. It'd be nicer if we maintained that least -- at the very least -- this afternoon. I want to head to Detroit knowing that no matter what happens the worst position the Sox can be in come Monday is tied for first.

Today's Bet: White Sox -102
Total: $109.98

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Look At This Nerd Right Here

The eye infection has exposed Jake Peavy for the marathon online role playing gamer that he is. When he's not casting spells in the World of Warcraft, he's arguing with friends about The Lord of The Rings.

White Sox 8 Orioles 1: Dylan Axelrod Comes Up Big

Dylan Axelrod wasn't supposed to be starting for the White Sox on Wednesday, but I'm sure glad he did.

Game #129: White Sox at Orioles

WHITE SOX  71-57 Dylan Axelrod 1-2 5.63 ERA 6:05 PM
ORIOLES71-57Joe Saunders6-10 4.22 ERA

Let's try and win one of these, okay?

Today's Bet: White Sox +120
Total: $108.78

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Orioles 6 White Sox 0: Wire Reference Goes Here

Tonight's game sucked. There's no getting around that.

Game #128: White Sox at Orioles

WHITE SOX  71-56 Chris Sale15-4 2.65 ERA 6:05 PM
ORIOLES70-57Chris Tillman 6-2 3.71 ERA

This is an important game for us to win -- though they're all important -- because Detroit is starting a series against Kansas City tonight. The pitching matchup there is Justin Verlander against Luis Mendoza.

Since the Tigers lineup isn't full of White Sox players, I have to give Verlander the edge.

Today's Bet: White Sox -144
Total: $109.78

Gavin Floyd Placed On The Disabled List

On Monday, a day after Gavin Floyd had to leave his start against the Mariners early thanks to some elbow soreness, the White Sox told us there was no structural damage to the elbow, though they were still concerned.

"I think the part that concerns you is he’s already had a DL stint before because of the same thing, and once he starts talking about not feeling right, you just don’t like that to send him back out there, even to take his next start," Robin Ventura told reporters. "I don’t know. I just know it just concerns you enough dealing with a guy’s future and his health."

Week 20 Pitchers Poll: Chris Sale Closes In

Well, if there's any good news about the pitching staff this week it's that Chris Sale and Jake Peavy both rebounded from poor performances in Week 19.

The bad news is that nobody else did much of anything.

Week 20 Hitters Poll: Yooooooouk

Considering that the White Sox had already played 72 games before Kevin Youkilis joined the fold, I didn't think it would be possible for him to get much higher than ninth place in these polls.

If things go they way they should, he probably still won't, but it's hard not to notice how he's closing the gap between himself and those who have been with the Sox all season.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Orioles 4 White Sox 3: The Ghosts Of Baseball Past Haunt The White Sox

Well, it's not like the win streak was going to last forever, and if there was ever a time for it to end than it was during a game in Baltimore with a guy named Chen on the mound.

Game #127: White Sox at Orioles

WHITE SOX  71-55 Francisco Liriano 5-10 5.12 ERA 6:05 PM
ORIOLES69-57Wei-Yin Chen12-7 3.87 ERA

First place, six-game win streak, I don't care. I just feel like nothing good ever happens to us when we go to Baltimore. I'm sure Bobby Jenks will figure out a way to blow a save even though he's not even here.

Today's Bet: White Sox +105
Total: $110.78

White Sox 4 Mariners 3: How About That Rain?

Holy crap it was a fun two-hour drive home from my fantasy draft in that monsoon.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Game #126: White Sox vs Mariners

WHITE SOX  70-55 Gavin Floyd9-9 4.56 ERA 1:10 PM CT
MARINERS61-66Kevin Millwood 4-10 4.29 ERA

I won't be watching this game live as I'll be at my fantasy football draft this afternoon. You know, last year during my fantasy draft, Dayan Viciedo made his season debut with the Sox and hit a home run.

That game was at Safeco Field against these same Mariners.

White Sox and Mariners baseball: A fantasy football draft day tradition since 2011.

Today's Bet: White Sox -161
Total: $110.16

Saturday, August 25, 2012

White Sox 5 Mariners 4: I Can't Think Of A Title For This Post

Do I title this post after the ejections of A.J. Pierzynski and Robin Ventura?

Do I take a shot at Lance Barrett and his Amazing Strike Zone of a Different Shape?

Do I pay homage to Tyler Flowers for coming in for AJ and having a big night?

Game #125: White Sox vs Mariners

WHITE SOX  69-55 Jose Quintana5-2 2.76 ERA 6:10 PM CT
MARINERS61-65Blake Beavan 8-7 5.00 ERA

As fun as last night's game was in hindsight, I'd have been just as happy with the easy 7-2 win that it looked like we were going to have. I'm serious. Go ahead and win by five or six tonight and you'll see I'm telling you the truth.

Today's Bet: White Sox -180
Total: $109.60

Friday, August 24, 2012

Walkoff Collision

Walkoff Fridays come in all shapes and sizes.

The Win Expectancy Chart For Tonight's Game


Via Fangraphs

White Sox 9 Mariners 8: What The Hell Just Happened?

Adam Dunn's 2 homers become a mere footnote
This was supposed to be a laugher.

Prince Fielder Has Trouble With His Surroundings

We sure it's Miguel Cabrera with the bad ankle?

Game #124: White Sox vs Mariners

WHITE SOX  68-55 Jake Peavy9-9 3.11 ERA 7:10 PM CT
MARINERS61-64Jason Vargas 13-8 3.53 ERA

Of course we'd get the Mariners on an eight-game win streak. The good news is we won't face Felix this weekend, and we're 5-1 against Seattle this season. Let's make it 8-1.

Today's Bet: White Sox -185
Total: $108.06

American League Power Rankings: Week 20

There was quite a bit of movement in the rankings this week, including the Rangers and Yankees swapping spots once again, but that's not the big news.

No sir. I don't want to spoil what's happened, but it's not hard to figure out if you just look at the photo above.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

This Dead Horse Just Isn't Dead Enough

Before I get all Fire Joe Morgan on this column by Tim Baffoe I feel I must point out that I have nothing against Baffoe. I follow him on Twitter, he follows me, I think he's funny, I have no idea how he feels about me.

I also know how I feel about his column on about the White Sox and attendance. A topic I've discussed enough, and one of those old standbys for anybody with a column to write and nothing real to write it on.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

White Sox 2 Yankees 1: Tis Better To Sweep Than To Be Swept

Well if that wasn't exactly what we needed after the nuclear meltdown of the series in Kansas City over the weekend, I don't know what was.

Game #123: White Sox at Yankees

WHITE SOX  67-55 Chris Sale14-4 2.72 ERA 7:10 PM CT
YANKEES72-51Phil Hughes 12-10 4.23 ERA

If the White Sox can pull off a win tonight they'll become the only team to sweep both the Rangers and Yankees in a series this season.

They'll also be the only team to sweep the Rangers and Yankees that's been swept by the Royals.

History could be made!

Today's Bet: White Sox -130
Total: $107.29

Carlos Sanchez Promoted To Charlotte

I normally don't cover the minor league promotions and demotions surrounding the White Sox farm system around here unless they directly impact the Major League team, but the Sox made a move on Wednesday that could have a large impact on the team next season.

The Sox announced that 20-year old Carlos Sanchez, widely considered the best prospect in the organization, was promoted to Charlotte.

A.J. Pierzynski Has Replaced Buster Olney, Likes Fantasy Football

With Buster Olney on vacation this week ESPN has had players filling in for him on his blog, and today the blog was turned over to our own A.J. Pierzynski.

Turns out our catcher isn't a bad writer, and he takes us into the world of the team's fantasy football league. Which is something I can relate to as I spent much of last week debating what two players I wanted to keep in my big money league.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

White Sox 7 Yankees 3: A Grand Ol' Time

As I said in the preview post earlier tonight, I was out having dinner with friends tonight, so I didn't see most of tonight's game.

Game #122: White Sox at Yankees

WHITE SOX  66-55 Francisco Liriano 4-10 5.22 ERA 7:10 PM CT
YANKEES72-50Ivan Nova11-6 4.76 ERA

Tonight's recap will be a little late as I'm not going to be around to watch tonight's game until later. So you're gonna have to try and get through this Yankees lineup without me.

You can do it. I believe in you.

Today's Bet: White Sox -103
Total: $107.32

Week 19 Pitchers Poll: It Wasn't The Best Week

I know it's easy to blame the offense since it's become so home run reliant lately, but the truth is since last week's set of rankings the Sox have outscored opponents 36-33. Going off that and looking at the numbers in the polls this week, it becomes rather apparent that the pitching staff is who should be wearing it for the three losses in Kansas City.

I mean, when you send both Jake Peavy and Chris Sale to the mound in a series against the Royals and can't pick up a win, it's not going to be a good week for your pitching staff.

Week 19 Hitters Poll: Dewayne Wise Is Unstoppable

You cannot stop Dewayne Wise, you can only hope to contain him.

Though you could also outscore him this week if you're Adam Dunn, but you can't stop him. I know it doesn't seem like it with the weekend from hell in Kansas City, but overall this wasn't a bad week for the Sox offensively.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Alejandro De Aza Is Going On The Disabled List

So it looks like Jordan Danks will be rejoining the Sox sooner than expected.

White Sox 9 Yankees 6: No Royals, No Problem

Baseball truly doesn't make any sense. The Sox looked absolutely terrible and, to be honest, pretty frightened against Kansas City over the weekend.

So of course on a night when Gavin Floyd can't even get out of the third inning and the New York Yankees -- the team with the best record in the American League -- jump out to a 3-0 lead, the White Sox battle back two times to pull out a victory.

Game #121: White Sox vs Yankees

WHITE SOX  65-55 Gavin Floyd9-9 4.43 ERA 7:10 PM CT
YANKEES72-49Freddy Garcia 7-5 4.68 ERA

Good news, everybody, we're finally done playing the Royals. For at least a few weeks anyway. Now we finally return home to play a team that is actually capable of losing to us: the New York Yankees.

Today's Bet: White Sox Even
Total: $106.32

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Royals 5 White Sox 2: Yeah We Just Got Swept By The Royals


Game #120: White Sox at Royals

WHITE SOX  65-54 Jose Quintana5-2 2.77 ERA1:10 PM CT
ROYALS53-66Jeremy Guthrie 5-12 5.75 ERA

Can we just get the hell out of Kansas City and never return please?

Today's Bet: White Sox -112
Total: $107.32

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Royals 9 White Sox 4: The New Twins

I don't want to talk about this game. Seriously. I have absolutely nothing to say. I just want to forget it ever happened.

Like on True Blood last week when Hoyt asked Jessica to make him forget about her and Jason so he wouldn't remember them after leaving to take his new job? Yeah, I want somebody to do that for me with this game tonight.

Just leave me with the memory of knowing Adam Dunn hit his 400th home run. I don't need to know anything else.

Game #119: White Sox at Royals

WHITE SOX  65-53Jake Peavy9-8 3.04 ERA6:10 PM CT
ROYALS52-66Bruce Chen 8-10 5.56 ERA

Why always Kansas City and why always Cy Chen?

Today's Bet: White Sox -140
Total: $108.32

Friday, August 17, 2012

Royals 4 White Sox 2: Mistakes Were Made

It's been a while since Robin Ventura gave me any real reason to second guess him, but he made up for lost time tonight.

Game #118: White Sox at Royals

WHITE SOX  65-52 Chris Sale14-3 2.60 ERA7:10 PM CT
ROYALS51-66Luis Mendoza 6-8 4.37 ERA

Why always Kansas City and why always Mendoza?

Today's Bet: White Sox -154
Total: $109.32

American League Power Rankings: Week 19

As has been the case for the last few weeks, the Rangers and Yankees once again swap positions in the power rankings. However, the top two sports aren't the only areas where teams are moving up or down.

In particular, it wasn't really a good week for anybody in the AL West except for the one team in the AL West that isn't supposed to matter anymore: the Mariners.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

White Sox 7 Blue Jays 2: Let's Just Hit A Bunch Of Dingers And Get Back To The States

I really don't have a lot to say about tonight's game, particularly with what apparently happened to a fan in the stands during the seventh inning. Frankly, seeing EMT's giving a man CPR and trying to revive him on a cart in the middle of a baseball game really makes that baseball game seem secondary.

I hope he's okay, though given what we saw, I'm not expecting much.

So Hawk Is Fist-Bumping Now

I'll miss Wimpy too.

Aaron Laffey Has The Best Reactions

I wouldn't want to see how far that one went either.

Game #117: White Sox at Blue Jays

WHITE SOX  64-52 Francisco Liriano 3-10 5.35 ERA6:07 PM CT
BLUE JAYS55-62Aaron Laffey3-3 4.72 ERA

The Sox won back to back games in Toronto for the first time since 2006 last night. Tonight we look to win three in a row and take this series. They'll need to get a different Francisco Liriano than the one we saw last time to do so.

Today's Bet: White Sox -133
Total: $108.57

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

White Sox 9 Blue Jays 5: A Wise Decision

When Paul Konerko went on the disabled list last week, many people were caught off guard when the Sox promoted Dewayne Wise to replace him on the roster, along with sending down Jordan Danks two days after he hit a walk-off home run.

Most Sox fans expected Dan Johnson. When the news was first announced I heard from a number of people telling me how stupid it was to bring up Wise over Johnson.

They've been pretty quiet since.

Game #116: White Sox at Blue Jays

WHITE SOX  63-52 Gavin Floyd8-9 4.43 ERA6:07 PM CT
BLUE JAYS55-61Ricky Romero 8-9 5.32 ERA

Gavin Floyd versus Ricky Romero? Prepare to be frustrated, Sox fans. Something tells me this won't be a 3-2 affair that flies by like the first two games of this series were.

These aren't just two pitchers who are allowing a combined 10 runs per nine innings this season, but two pitchers who are also walking over 8 batters per nine innings.

It's a pitching matchup that's so incendiary Vegas has both teams listed as the favorite tonight. Just in case you wondered how they made money.

Today's Bet: White Sox -108
Total: $107.64