Tuesday, July 31, 2012

White Sox 4 Twins 3: AJ Got A Piece Of Shit And Hit It

If you've ever wondered why opposing players hate AJ Pierzynski so much, you got a hint of it on Tuesday night. After being drilled in the shoulder -- the fourth White Sox to be hit by a pitch in two games -- with two outs, Pierzynski came around to score on a bloop single by Alexei Ramirez.

It was an important run to tie the game at 2-2 after the Twins took the lead the inning before. After crossing the plate he stopped to high-five Alejandro De Aza and what he said to De Aza was picked up on the field microphones.

Game #103: White Sox at Twins

WHITE SOX  55-47 Francisco Liriano 3-10 5.31 ERA7:10 PM CT
TWINS44-58Nick Blackburn4-6 7.99 ERA
Well, if you're going to make your debut with a new team, might as well do it against your former team and while squaring off against a pitcher as terrible as Nick Blackburn.

Today's Bet: White Sox -152
Total: $105.94

Week 16 Pitchers Poll: Sale Losing Velocity Here As Well

Yeah, I have no idea what's happening here either
For just about the entire season Jake Peavy and Chris Sale have been swapping first place with every start they make. That's no longer the case.

Chris Sale's lack of velocity in his last few starts has been obvious, and he's starting to lose velocity in the Pitchers Poll as well. Should he skip a start or two over the coming weeks, we'll probably be able to just hand the 2012 title to Jake Peavy.

Week 16 Hitters Poll: Alex Rios Rules The World

Alex Rios rules the world and he also rules the hitters poll.

It hasn't mattered how well Adam Dunn or Paul Konerko have done, Rios just continues to match or exceed both of them, keeping the gap exactly where it's been at since the end of June.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Twins 7 White Sox 6: Where This Throw Goes Nobody Knows

After being one of the best defensive teams in the Majors the entire season, the White Sox have gone into a defensive rut the last three days. In their last three games the White Sox have committed 6 errors, and not surprisingly, they're 1-2 in those three games.

Game #102: White Sox at Twins

WHITE SOX  55-46 Jose Quintana4-1 2.58 ERA7:10 PM CT
TWINS43-58Cole De Vries 2-2 3.64 ERA
The White Sox have won seven of their nine games against the Twins this season. A trend that, as White Sox fans, doesn't seem to make any sense. I mean, the Twins were terrible last season too, yet the Sox went 9-9 against them last season.

Let's just hope the 2012 trend continues, and sweep this team for the second time in a week.

Today's Bet: White Sox -125
Total: $106.94

Hector Santiago Sent To Charlotte

In a rather surprising move, the White Sox announced on Monday that they had sent Hector Santiago down to Charlotte to make room on the roster for Francisco Liriano.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Rangers 2 White Sox 0: Gavin Floyd Continues To Destroy The Legitimacy Of The Quality Start

Tonight marked Gavin Floyd's second consecutive quality start since returning from the disabled list. In those two quality starts, Gavin Floyd has pitched 12.2 innings and allowed only 3 earned runs.

He's also allowed 13 hits and walked 11 in those 12.2 innings while striking out 2 whole batters.

Game #101: White Sox at Rangers

WHITE SOX  55-45 Gavin Floyd 8-8 4.46 ERA6:05 PM CT
RANGERS58-41Scott Feldman 4-6 5.37 ERA

Will the White Sox sweep the Rangers for the second time this month? Will Kenny pull off a trade for the second time in two days?

All that and more tonight in Arlington!

Today's Bet: White Sox +138
Total: $107.94

John Danks May Need Season-Ending Shoulder Surgery

The trade for Francisco Liriano came as a pleasant surprise on Saturday night.

The White Sox got another starting pitcher that they needed for the final two months of the season, and didn't have to give up much of anything to get him.*

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Hector Santiago Isn't Impressed By His Own Barehanded Grab

Maybe Hector can serve as Alexei's backup shortstop. Who cares if he's left-handed, look at those hands!

The White Sox Trade For Francisco Liriano

Well when you can't get Zack Greinke, sometimes you just have to settle for Francisco Liriano.

White Sox 5 Rangers 2: One Hundred Down, Sixty-Two To Go

I don't know if there's some kind of voodoo spell the White Sox hold over the Rangers right now, but this is not a result I was expecting. No, when you take a pitcher who has an ERA over 6.00 like Phil Humber this season and make him face a Rangers lineup in Texas, good things generally don't happen.

Game #100: White Sox at Rangers

WHITE SOX  54-45 Phil Humber4-5 6.25 ERA7:05 PM CT
RANGERS58-40Matt Harrison 12-5 3.02 ERA

It's hard to believe we've hit the century mark already this season. These things really do go by a lot faster when you're watching a good team.

Today's Bet: White Sox +170
Total: $106.24

Friday, July 27, 2012

White Sox 9 Rangers 5: Right Back Where You Started From

It was last Friday that the White Sox were 1.5 games ahead of the Tigers heading into a three game series in Detroit. They'd be swept in that series, but here we are again, 1.5 games ahead of the Tigers.

And they got there on a night when Chris Sale looked absolutely terrible.

Game #99 White Sox at Rangers

WHITE SOX  53-45 Chris Sale11-3 2.37 ERA7:05 PM CT
RANGERS58-39Yu Darvish11-6 3.88 ERA

While I'm not exactly thrilled of having to go to Texas for a series against the Rangers for the second time this season, a pitching matchup of Chris Sale and Yu Darvish probably makes it all worth it.

Today's Bet: White Sox +130
Total: $104.94

Zack Greinke Isn't Coming To The White Sox

I told you not to get your hopes up.

Now we sit back and wait to see where Kenny turns his attention next.

You can be mad at Kenny for not getting this deal done if you want, but just know that you're seriously overvaluing the worth of the players he had to offer Milwaukee for him.

The White Sox Make It Hard To Follow The Summer Olympics

If you weren't already aware, the Summer Olympics officially begin today with the opening ceremonies in London. In fact, the opening ceremonies are going on as I type this, even if they won't be televised in the United States until tonight.

And when they are televised, I won't be able to watch them. I'm never able to watch them.

American League Power Rankings: Week 16

The Rangers and Yankees continue their recent tradition of swapping the top spot back and forth, but neither team is really the story this week. No, that would be the Oakland Athletics.

Going into play on July 1st the Athletics were 37-42 and pretty much out of the race in the AL West, getting ready to start selling off any parts over 25 years old and continuing their non-stop rebuilding project.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Doug Melvin Says Zack Greinke Will Be Traded

Brewers general manager Doug Melvin took some time out of his busy schedule of taking phone calls asking about Zack Greinke to tell the world something we all already knew.

Zack Greinke is going to be traded sometime this week.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

White Sox 8 Twins 2: They Sweep Us, We Sweep You

"So this is what run support feels like?"

Ken Rosenthal Says The Sox 'Want Greinke Badly'

"C'mon, baby. You know I love you. I just think that we're ready to take that next step in this relationship. You're just so beautiful, baby. I'll take care of you, I promise. I love you so much. Maybe we should play 'just the tip,' just to see if you're comfortable with it. I love you, baby."

Game #98: White Sox vs Twins

WHITE SOX  52-45 Jake Peavy7-7 3.22 ERA1:10 PM CT
TWINS40-57Nick Blackburn 4-5 7.46 ERA

It is nicer to sweep than be swept.

Today's Bet: White Sox -220
Total: $104.49

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

White Sox 11 Twins 4: Jose Quintana Finds The Winning Formula

When you're a rookie in the Majors Leagues you figure out that, at this level, teams adjust to you and it's up to you to figure out how to adjust right back.

Well, Jose Quintana figured it out.

The Twins Bat Boy Has Trouble Walking

Don't worry, kid. Only the entire internet is going to see this.

Game #97: White Sox vs Twins

WHITE SOX  51-45 Jose Quintana4-1 2.30 ERA7:10 PM CT
TWINS40-56Cole De Vries 2-2 3.95 ERA

The odds that Jose Quintana goes 8 innings without allowing a run and gets a no decision in this game are 1/5.

Today's Bet: White Sox -175
Total: $103.92

Kenny Williams Continues On His Quest To Trade Gavin Floyd

Has there ever been a time when the White Sox weren't trying to trade Gavin Floyd? Seriously, I'm not asking to be a smartass or anything, I'm just trying to remember.

Every year when the trade deadline comes along, rumors about Gavin being traded come along with it. Then there was this winter when Gavin was traded roughly five times depending on who you asked on Twitter and what their cousin's hair stylist's neighbor told them.

A.J. Pierzynski Is Day To Day With An Oblique Strain

Here's something we should probably keep an eye on for the immediate future.

A.J. Pierzynski is day to day with a minor strain of his right oblique. A minor strain which he claims only bothers him when he swings.

Week 15 Pitchers Poll: How Many Damn Pitchers Will I Have To Add To This Thing?

Seriously, every week I'm adding another pitcher to this poll. This week, however, I had to add more names than ever before.

Last week's Pitchers Poll had 19 pitchers. This week's had 22, as I had to add Donnie "BABYMEAT" Veal, Pedro Hernandez and Brett Myers. Where do they fall in the rankings along with everyone else?

Week 15 Hitters Power Poll: Paul Konerko Begins His Pursuit Of Alex Rios

Paul Konerko hit his first July home run last night, and hopefully broke out of a slump that he's been mired in for quite a while. Aside from seeing his average drop over the last month and a half, we've also seen his power disappear.

With last night's home run, his first of the season to right field at that, it's possible we'll see Paulie start lacing doubles and homers all over the park again. And he's going to need to if he wants to have a shot at catching Alex Rios.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Alexei's Ninja Kick

The American League's first Gold Glove/black belt shortstop. Okay, so he's more of a white belt, but with hard work and dedication.....

White Sox 7 Twins 4: The Sky Stops Falling

So it turns out that the White Sox aren't going to lose their last 72 games of the season and finish 50-112 after all. That's good.

Alex Rios Has Such A Pretty Home Run Swing

I could watch it 50 times a season if he'd let me.

Game #96: White Sox vs Twins

WHITE SOX  50-45 Gavin Floyd7-8 4.54 ERA7:10 PM CT
TWINS40-55Francisco Liriano 3-9 4.81 ERA

It's nice to be home again, particularly after a terrible 3-7 road trip. I'm hoping it's just as nice to have Gavin Floyd back after that injury scare.

What's not as nice is having to face Francisco Liriano, who may only be 5-3 with a 4.26 ERA against the Sox in 10 starts, but is 5-0 with a 2.93 ERA against the Sox in his last 7 starts since the beginning of  2010. And that includes the no-hitter last season.

Today's Bet: White Sox -132
Total: $103.16

The Tigers Get Anibal Sanchez And Omar Infante From The Marlins

Well this certainly isn't good news for the White Sox. Anibal Sanchez is one of the pitchers I was hoping the Sox might get before the deadline as he's a good pitcher who wouldn't have cost nearly as much as the Zack Greinkes and apparently the Ryan Dempsters of the world.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Tigers 6 White Sox 4: Swept Away

These are depressing times to be a White Sox fan. The only thing the White Sox couldn't do this weekend against Detroit was get swept. As long as they managed to win just one game they'd return from their 10-game road trip still in first place in the AL Central.

So of course the White Sox went out and got swept by the Tigers.

Game #95: White Sox at Tigers

WHITE SOX  50-44 Phil Humber4-4 5.77 ERA 12:05 PM CT
TIGERS51-44Jacob Turner 0-1 10.29 ERA

Please, just one win in this series. It's all I ask.

Today's Bet: White Sox +110
Total: $104.16

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Kevin Youkilis Shows Off The Cannon

Because the way this game is going we're going to need something to laugh at.

Game #94: White Sox at Tigers

WHITE SOX  50-43 Chris Sale11-2 2.11 ERA 3:05 PM CT
TIGERS50-44Rick Porcello 6-5 4.66 ERAFOX

So this isn't exactly difficult to comprehend. If the White Sox win this afternoon then no matter what happens on Sunday, they're in first place when this series ends. If they lose, well, they're no longer in first place.

Being in first place is more fun than not being in first place, so the White Sox should win today. That's just my opinion, though, man.

Today's Bet: White Sox +160
Total: $105.16

White Sox Get Brett Myers From The Astros

The White Sox have added somebody to their bullpen that isn't a rookie, trading for Brett Myers from the Houston Astros.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Tigers 4 White Sox 2: Too Much Justin Verlander

Good luck
Did you know that Justin Verlander is a pretty good pitcher? Well, he is, and he showed you why on Friday night. Even on a night where Verlander didn't seem to have his best stuff for the first three innings, he still managed to pitch 8 innings and allow only 2 runs.

Both of which came on a home run by Alejandro De Aza, who was the only Sox hitter to give Verlander any trouble on the night.

Game #93: White Sox at Tigers

WHITE SOX  50-42 Jake Peavy7-6 3.12 ERA 6:05 PM CT
TIGERS49-44Justin Verlander 10-5 2.43 ERA

It's only July, but there's no doubt that the most important series of the season to this point begins tonight in Detroit. Too bad that pitching matchup is so bland.

Today's Bet: White Sox +160
Total: $106.16

American League Power Rankings: Week 15

For most of this season the AL East has dominated these power rankings. It wasn't unusual to find all five of the division's teams in the top seven, or sometimes even six.

Well, things are changing a bit. As the Yankees continue to pull away from their division mates, those other AL East teams are beginning to slide down toward the bottom. Some of this is due to the teams just not playing as well as they had been (hello Baltimore, Tampa and Toronto) and some of it is due to teams from other divisions starting to play well (Detroit and Oakland).

Where does everyone stand at the moment?

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Red Sox 3 White Sox 1: Jose Quintana Can't Catch A Break

June 17th.

June 24th.

July 19th.

What do these three dates have in common? On each of those three days Jose Quintana started for the White Sox and pitched 8 innings without allowing a single run. He does not have a win to show for any of them.

Game #92: White Sox at Red Sox

WHITE SOX  50-41 Jose Quintana 4-1 2.60 ERA 6:10 PM CT
RED SOX47-45Clay Buchholz 8-3 5.54 ERA

Remember when this season was supposed to be a rebuilding year? Yeah?

Well I imagine seeing Phil Humber, Dylan Axelrod, Pedro Hernandez and Jose Quintana all pitch for the Sox during a four-game series in Boston in July is exactly what that would have looked like.

Today's Bet: White Sox +120
Total: $107.16

Prince Fielder: Human Bowling Ball


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Red Sox 10 White Sox 1: Pedro Hernandez Has A Debut He'll Never Forget

At least Pedro Hernandez's MLB debut will be one to remember, even if he really wants to forget it.

Game #91: White Sox at Red Sox

WHITE SOX  50-40 Pedro Hernandez 0-0 -.-- ERA 6:10 PM CT
RED SOX46-45Felix Doubront9-4 4.41 ERA

Who's ready for the first start of Pedro Hernandez's Hall of Fame career?

Today's Bet: White Sox +155
Total: $107.70

Savor Adam Dunn's Stolen Base Forever

I didn't draft Adam Dunn in all my fantasy leagues for his power, oh no. I got him for the wheels, baby.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

White Sox 7 Red Sox 5: Welcome Back, Humber

There are two different Phil Humbers. There's the one that we saw quite a bit of before Phil went on the disabled list, posting an 8.22 ERA in his last three starts before sitting with an elbow problem.