Wednesday, February 29, 2012

MLB To Expand Postseason This Year

According to Ken Rosenthal, anyway. If you aren't familiar with what this means, it means that there will now be 10 playoff teams rather than 8. The two wild cards will then play a one-game playoff to move on to the Divisional Series against the division winners.

In other words, it's slightly easier to make the playoffs now, but it's a whole hell of a lot more important to win your division.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Big Hurt Beer Will Likely Be Available At The Cell

The White Sox held a conference call for bloggers on Tuesday afternoon, giving us all a chance to talk to Senior VP of Sales and Marketing Brooks Boyer along with Director of Baseball Operations Dan Fabian. Unfortunately due to prior commitments, I wasn't able to get on the call (though U-God was kind enough to post an entire transcription of the call with Fabian).

Paul Konerko Has Tempered Expectations

As we've already gone over here this winter, while plenty of people in a White Sox uniform these days are talking about improving their individual performances in 2012 and saying that the White Sox could surprise this year, Paul Konerko doesn't have a whole lot of room in his life for bullshit.

No, the Captain is soon to be 36-years old and will be starting his 16th MLB season in a little over a month from now. The man just doesn't have the time to blow smoke up anybody's ass, though he did sound about as optimistic as he's can considering what surrounds him.

Monday, February 27, 2012

The Great Outfield Experiment Of 2012

It happens every spring with just about every baseball team. Spring training is the time of year where non-stories become big news because there just isn't shit else to write about at the time.

These types of stories generally occur before the games begin and surprises emerge, or players get hurt. The first one of 2012 is the GREAT OUTFIELD SHAKEUP.

Jake Peavy Wants To Talk About Your Feelings

Is it just me or has Jake Peavy really taken it upon himself to talk about his teammates to the media lately? Not bad-mouthing anyone, per se, unless it's Ozzie Guillen, but he sure doesn't seem all that shy about getting in other people's business.

For instance, there's what he told Comcast's Chuck Garfien about Adam Dunn last season.

FanGraphs Can Kiss My Ass

I have never been shy about my feelings toward shit like Moneyball. Be it the book, philosophy, or craptastic movie. Because of this, the baseball nerds have never much liked me.

You see, the nerds think they know more about baseball because they have spreadsheets. All I did was play the game as a child and then professionally for nine seasons before retiring and spending the rest of my life around baseball.

NotHawk's Monday Mailbag: Ryan Braun's Fashion Sense

Every Monday on South Side Asylum NotHawk will answer your questions. Your questions do not have to be related to the White Sox, for NotHawk is the smartest man in the world and has answers for everything. He is also incredibly handsome. Send your questions to or ask him on Twitter.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Kenny Wants You to Know That He's A Good Listener

The White Sox have had players in camp for four days now, and it's been a pretty good reminder that getting excited for players reporting to camp is always a letdown.

Once they get there you suddenly remember how boring spring training is before they start playing the actual games -- which are still kind of boring, but not as boring -- and roster battles start shaping up, surprises emerge, and an unexpected injury creeps in.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Brent Morel Is Ready To Explode Or Something

As JJ over at White Sox Talk discovered today, the folks at Beyond The Box Score think that Brent Morel may be the next surprise star in baseball this season. This is because Morel's home run per fly ball hit ratio in September was insane, as Morel hit 8 of his 10 2011 home runs in September.

But why does this make Beyond The Box Score think that Morel could blow up in 2012?

The Asylum: Pitchers And Catchers Report

Today is the first day that White Sox pitchers and catchers report to spring training at Camelback Ranch in Glendale, Arizona. After a long winter off, the players all show up at the facility to get ready for their first workout of the spring.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Good News, Nobody's Dead

We're still a couple days away from White Sox camp officially opening in Glendale, and there really aren't a whole lot of reasons to be optimistic about the 2012 season. As has been documented here since last season ended, this is a franchise that's essentially in limbo right now.

Monday, February 20, 2012

NotHawk's Monday Mailbag: Save America, Kill The Earth

Every Monday on South Side Asylum NotHawk will answer your questions. Your questions do not have to be related to the White Sox, for NotHawk is the smartest man in the world and has answers for everything. He is also incredibly handsome. Send your questions to or ask him on Twitter.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Want To Play Some Fantasied Baseballs?

I have created a fantasy baseball league, and though I already have enough teams, there is still room for a couple more. So I figured, why not invite some readers?

So do you want to play fantasy baseball? If yes, continue reading after the jump. If no, screw you and your social life.

The Sox Aren't Getting Much Money From Camelback Ranch

When the White Sox moved their spring training to the new Camelback Ranch along with the Dodgers in 2009 it was supposed to be a nice revenue boost for the team. For that first year, it was.

Since then, however, not so much.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Jayson Stark Says White Sox Are Least Improved AL Team

ESPN's Jayson Stark wrote his Spring Training preview -- can you believe we're less than a week away? -- on Friday, and the White Sox do get mentioned in it. So take that all you fools who thought losing Ozzie Guillen would make this team less "relevant."

Though it's not as if Stark has anything particularly nice to say about the White Sox. He only mentions them in the part chronicling the "Most Unimproved American League Teams."

Guess who came in first place?

Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Twins Are The White Sox Arch-Rival, So Sayeth The Law

Back in June of 2004 a fight broke out at US Cellular Field. I know, it's shocking to me too. I've never seen such behavior at The Cell, or any other baseball stadium. Still, it did happen, and there are court documents to prove it.

Greg Walker: Soothsayer Of Doom

There's nobody in the world that can find a person willing to say negative things about the White Sox like my buddy Joe Cowley. The man is like a bloodhound searching for pessimism under every rock, in every secluded wooded area of the country. He can smell it from hundreds, sometimes even thousands, of miles away.

This time he picked up a scent all the way down in Atlanta.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

On Sharing The Cell

All week there have been rumors circulating that the Cubs and White Sox may have to spend a season as roommates inside US Cellular Field. It's an idea that's being floated as the Cubs apparently try and consider their options should they decide to do a complete overhaul of Wrigley Field.

If the Cubs were to do that, obviously, they'd need a temporary home, with The Cell being brought up as a likely destination.

But would that work?

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Rosterbation: Premature Prognostications

I wasn't planning on doing this until spring training began next week, but that was because I wasn't expecting the White Sox to make any roster moves before then. So with Kenny going and signing Kosuke Fukudome on Tuesday, I figured now was just as good a time as any to start.

Rosterbation is just a childish name for a feature we'll be running from time to time this spring while we try and figure out what the 25-man roster will look like on Opening Day (not what we want it to look like). As certain players surprise or struggle during the spring, we'll update our predictions.

The White Sox Have Signed Kosuke Fukudome


This move comes just about out of no where -- Kenny's in stealth mode again! -- but the White Sox signed former Cub Kosuke Fukudome on Tuesday. It's a one-year deal for a total of $1 million, and it has an option for 2013.

Monday, February 13, 2012

The White Sox Were Never Serious Bidders For Cespedes

You may have thought that now that Yoenis Cespedes had signed with Oakland, I'd be done posting about him, but you were so very wrong, friend! For you see, I had made a habit the last few weeks of making sure you knew and understood that there was no way that the White Sox were going to be in the running for his services.

And since the case where it turns out I'm actually right about something is so rare, I need to pound my chest when that situation calls for it.

Keenyn Walker Scares White Sox Fans On Twitter

White Sox fans got some more bad news in a winter full of it on Monday when it was announced that Yoenis Cespedes had signed with the Oakland Athletics, to the surprise of just about everybody.

Well, the day got even better if you happen to follow Keenyn Walker, the first round draft pick of the White Sox in 2011. Seems Keenyn hurt his hip.

Yoenis Cespedes Is Coming To The South Side!

He'll be playing there as a member of the Oakland Athletics from August 10th through the 12th.

What? What did you think I meant?

NotHawk's Monday Mailbag - Shit Just Got Serious For A Minute

Every Monday on South Side Asylum NotHawk will answer your questions. Your questions do not have to be related to the White Sox, for NotHawk is the smartest man in the world and has answers for everything. He is also incredibly handsome. Send your questions to or ask him on Twitter.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Marlins Have Made An Offer For Cespedes

I've given up any hope -- if you can even call it hope -- that the White Sox are going to sign Yoenis Cespedes, but I know some of you are still clinging to the possibility. So, because of that, I'll keep updating you on what the latest is with the Cuban free agent.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Sox Sign Former QB Mitch Mustain

My two worlds are colliding!

Former Arkansas and USC quarterback Mitch Mustain says that he's signed a minor league deal with the White Sox and will be reporting to spring training on March 8th. He had been planning on playing in the Arena League but I guess he figured minor league baseball was a more glamorous lifestyle.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Your Latest Reminders About The Sorry State Of The White Sox Farm System

Sorry for the lack of posting since Monday. I had my wisdom teeth removed on Tuesday morning and spent the next 48 hours in a doped up state that wasn't very conducive to writing posts.

Plus, there wasn't much of anything happening anyway.

Monday, February 6, 2012

NotHawk's Monday Mailbag - The One Where You Ask Me About Snuff Films

Every Monday on South Side Asylum NotHawk will answer your questions. Your questions do not have to be related to the White Sox, for NotHawk is the smartest man in the world and has answers for everything. He is also incredibly handsome. Send your questions to or ask him on Twitter. 

Jake Peavy Is About As Optimistic As Jake Peavy Can Be

Jake Peavy's time with the White Sox has been mostly filled with ankle injuries and muscles tearing clean off the bone. When he has been healthy enough to pitch, he hasn't exactly been the ace we all hoped to be getting when we sent roughly 80% of our minor league system to San Diego for him.

In his two and a half seasons as a White Sox, Peavy has made 38 starts, going 17-13 with an ERA of 4.49 and a WHIP of 1.22.

Friday, February 3, 2012

White Sox Officially Sign Dan Johnson

The news first broke a couple of days ago, but the White Sox made it official on Friday announcing that they'd signed Dan Johnson to a minor league deal.

So, hooray.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

You Can Forget About The Cuban Imports

If you missed the news Thursday night, it was announced that the Cubs had signed Cuban free agent Gerardo Concepcion. Concepcion is one of a trio of Cuban imports that a whole slew of teams, including the White Sox, are expected to bid for this month before spring training begins. The other two are Yoenis Cespedes and Jorge Soler.

This wasn't just bad news for Sox fans hoping the team would sign Concepcion, though. It was bad news for any Sox fan holding out hope that the Sox would sign any of these prospects.

Oh The Irony, It Is Delicious

This really isn't all that newsworthy as far as the White Sox are concerned, but I haven't been able to post here the last few days because I've been too busy following the whims of 18-year olds over at the day job and just didn't have time.

Still, in case you hadn't heard, Edwin Jackson signed a one-year deal with the Washington Nationals on Thursday, and I find it funnier than hell.