Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Another Winter, Another Gavin Floyd To The Red Sox Rumor

Gavin Floyd has been traded roughly five thousand times since he became a White Sox. All last winter there were rumors circulating around him, and there were even more rumors about him being traded during the season.

One of the teams that was most interested in him was the Boston Red Sox, and it seems the Red Sox haven't lost interest in Gavin just yet. According to Scott Lauber of the Boston Herald the White Sox are open to trading Gavin -- what new? -- to Boston, and may even get a catcher out of it.

From the Boston Herald:
It remains unclear whether the Red Sox and White Sox have progressed much in any trade discussions, but the source said Chicago would be open to moving right-hander Gavin Floyd, who frequently is mentioned in trade talks. 
“He’s always floating out there,” said the source, who added that interest in Floyd may increase further this winter because he has only one year and $9.5 million remaining on his contract. 
The White Sox’ top incumbent catcher is Tyler Flowers, though it’s not clear they’re sold on him. Jarrod Saltalamacchia is eligible for free agency after next season, and according to an industry source, the Red Sox have not begun negotiations on a multiyear deal. Ryan Lavarnway is under team control through 2018, but unlike Saltalamacchia, he has not yet hit at the major league level.
And if the Sox were going to trade Gavin, Saltalamacchia would be a decent return. Obviously the catcher position is the one the Sox may need to address, and Saltalamacchia is a switch hitter, which would go toward replacing Pierzynski's lefty bat.

The problem with Saltalamacchia is he's not much different that Flowers as a hitter. He's just proven more at the Major League level because he's had the chance to. In his career Saltalamacchia has a line of .239/.302/.418 and struck out 139 times in 405 at bats last season, drawing only 38 walks.

What's nice about Jarrod is that of his 90 hits in 2012, 43 (48%) were extra-base hits.

Tyler has a career line of .205/.307/.388. He struck out 56 times in 136 at bats last season, but 13 of his 29 hits (45%) were extra-base hits last season as well.

So you have to ask yourself whether Saltalamacchia is enough of an upgrade over Tyler Flowers to make trading Gavin Floyd worth it. Say what you want about Gavin -- he's streak, he's aloof, he's frustratingly inconsistent -- he's given the Sox an average of 190 innings of quality pitching for the last five seasons.

If you're going to get rid of that -- and let's not forget Gavin will make only $9.5 million in 2013 -- you may want to get a bit more in return than a catcher in his walk year who might not be that much of an upgrade over the guy you currently have.

Particularly when Tyler has made it clear he wants the job next season.

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