Wednesday, October 3, 2012

White Sox 9 Indians 0: And This Season Is Ovah

The season is finally over, and thanks to Paul Konerko, Dayan Viciedo and the Charlotte Knights, it ends in victory.

Robin Ventura put together one of the ugliest lineups you'll ever see for tonight's game, and that lineup responded with 16 hits, 9 runs and 5 homers. Dan Johnson hit 3 of those homers, proving once again that there is no hitter more dangerous in the last game of the season than Dan Johnson.

He should just sit around all season in 2013 without playing and then sign a $1 million one-day deal with a contender on the final day of the season. He'll be worth every penny.

Paul Konerko also homered, but finished a hit shy of finishing the season with a .300 average. Dayan Viciedo homered for the third straight game, giving the Sox five players with at least 25 home runs this season. If Dayan can keep doing what he did in this final series next season, oh man.

Then there was Gavin Floyd, who continued to be brilliant just like he has been in every start since coming off the disabled list. The tweak to his delivery that Mark Parent suggested -- pulling the ball out of his glove earlier in order to help him maintain balance through it -- really seems to have done wonders. I hope that sticks for 2013 as well. If Gavin's still around, anyway.

It was a bad last month, but it was a nice last day.

And 2013 begins now.


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  1. Weird way to end a weird season.

    I don't see Detroit struggling next year the way they did this year (note: I am probably wrong) and I don't see the Sox being as good as they were this year (note: I am probably wrong, again). But that's why they play the games.

    Thanks, Tom, for keeping me sane and entertained during a wild season. I look forward to Hot Stove Season on SSA.

    No Thanks to you @NotHawk, for being too much of a coke addict to keep making @NotHawk's Bar. QUITTER


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