Monday, October 1, 2012

White Sox 11 Indians 0: No Pressure, No Problem

I'm not going to sit here and pretend that watching the White Sox score 11 runs tonight now that they're out of it didn't piss me off, but I also won't pretend that I didn't enjoy watching them do it. It was just nice to know that this offense was still capable of doing something like this.

And it did so without a bunch of home runs. The preferred method of scoring tonight was single after single after single, and it wasn't until Dayan Viciedo's grand slam in the ninth inning that anybody decided to leave the park.

It was also a nice start from Hector Santiago, who pitched a career high 7 innings and struck out a career high 10 batters. Yeah, this all came against an Indians team that it entirely in golf mode, but it was still nice to see from somebody who is a definite candidate for a spot in next season's rotation.

Only two more to go. Let's enjoy them while we can.


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