Thursday, October 4, 2012

Week 25 Hitters Poll: Jackin' Dayan Finishes Strong

It can't technically be the record since this final week was two days longer than every other one, and he did a lot of damage in those final two days, but Dayan Viciedo scored more points in this final week than any other Sox player this season -- both Viciedo and Rios put up 48 points in Week 7.

This week Dayan broke the 50-point mark.

If only the season hadn't ended and he could just start 2013 with this swing right now.

1Alex Rios 596 1 23
2Paul Konerko491 2 27
3Adam Dunn 461 3 7
4A.J. Pierzynski 457 4 22
5Alexei Ramirez 424 5 13
6Alejandro De Aza 419 613
7Dayan Viciedo 393 851
8Gordon Beckham383 7 6
9Kevin Youkilis 273 9 10
10Dewayne Wise124 10 6
11Orlando Hudson 78 12 16
12Tyler Flowers73 11 -5
13Dan Johnson 49 16 30
14Eduardo Escobar 45 13 0
15Jordan Danks 41 15 9
16Brent Morel 33 14 0
17Ray Olmedo 21 19 9
18Brent Lillibridge 18 17 0
18Kosuke Fukudome  18 17 0
20Hector Gimenez 6 20 3
20Jose Lopez 6 20 3

Again, the numbers are a bit skewed this week thanks to the extra days, but the 11-0 and 9-0 outbursts in the final series of the season helped the numbers a bit as well. Particularly Dan Johnson who blew up for 30 points this week to move ahead of every bench player besides Orlando Hudson -- who got a big boost with his grand slam -- Dewayne Wise and Tyler Flowers.

Of course, there's one huge difference between Johnson and those guys. Dan averaged 1.58 points per plate appearance, which greatly exceeded Hudson (.51), Wise (.70) and Flowers (.48).

Still, no matter how Viciedo or Johnson or anybody did this week, it's still clear that Alex Rios is the offensive MVP of 2012. He led these rankings just about the entire year, but unlike his team, he didn't give it up at the end.

Last week's rankings can be found here.

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