Thursday, October 18, 2012

The White Sox Are Lowering Ticket Prices

Congratulations, White Sox fans. By not going to any games this season you have assured that the next time you do go to a game -- if you choose to do so -- it will cost you slightly less.

The Sox announced on Thursday that they'd be lowering ticket prices for certain sections, and will even be lowering the price of parking.
Corner seats in the lower deck will be available for $20, and upper deck corner seats for $7 for all home games with the exception of Opening Day and the two games against the Cubs in May. A total of 5,000 seats will be available at those prices. 
Parking will be lowered to $20, from $25 and $23.
Now the media can tell you you're an even worse fan if you don't go now!

Seriously, there are some significant reductions in pricing around the park.  So if you do want to go to a game next season and you don't have to sit behind the plate or dugouts, it's going to cost you quite a bit less in 2012.

That's a good thing. Also, as South Side Sox reports, parking on Sundays will only be $10. So bring two cars!

As for season tickets, about 87% of season tickets are going to drop or stay the same price. However, some season ticket packages will see a rise in the price because they'll be the season tickets people actually want to buy -- you know, good seats -- but the Sox plan on calling each of those season ticket holders personally.

The price for my chair, which is super comfortable and reclines, will remain the same for the 2013 season. Though I may get a new television. I don't know, we'll see.


  1. The bad news is they are also lowering payroll to compensate.

    1. I applaud the Sox for the move, but yes, this big of a drop has to belie a drop in spending elsewhere.


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