Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Torch Shall Pass On Friday

The news first went public over a month ago that Kenny Williams would be stepping up in rank this winter and allowing Rick Hahn to take over the role of general manager, but it won't be official until tomorrow.

That's when the White Sox plan on making the announcement formally.

The Tribune's Mark Gonzales confirms tonight that the White Sox will hold a press conference at 11am Friday morning to announce the switch. Williams will officially become President of Baseball Operations and Rick Hahn will become General Manager Who Everybody Thinks Is Just A Puppet Of Kenny Williams.

Okay, so not everybody will think that. While I have no doubt Kenny is still going to have a considerable amount of sway in the front office, I'd like to think that Hahn truly will be making the decisions.

Because if he doesn't we're going to have a roster full of 38-year old veterans on the downside of their careers next season.

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