Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Marlins Have Fired Ozzie Guillen

I'm not going to turn this post into Ozziefreude because, the problems I had with Ozzie's managerial style aside, particularly in his last couple years with the White Sox, I've never hated the guy. I'm not happy to know that he's been fired for the second time in two seasons.

Which he has been, by the way. The Marlins fired him on Wednesday.

That being said, this doesn't come as much of a surprise. The Marlins franchise is as much of a dysfunctional shit show as any, and one that's always been more about style than substance. Which is why I think Guillen was the perfect hire for them last winter.

I think Ozzie has become more style than substance when it comes to his work as a manager. His schtick had become all too predictable here in Chicago, and while it was tiresome, I was willing to deal with it as long as he was doing a good job managing the baseball team. Instead life became one big pissing contest between him and Kenny Williams as they tried to show the world that they were far more important to the White Sox than the other.

Well, Ozzie left and Kenny somehow managed to put together a team that contended for a division title all season long while cutting payroll and Ozzie got fired after going 69-93 to finish in last place after the Marlins spent a bunch of money to put together a contender.

Small sample size, yes, but a rather informative one.

Of course, while Ozzie isn't the same kind of manager he was when he first came to Chicago, that doesn't mean I don't think he can get it back. Whatever it was in his case. Though I don't know that he actually has to, either.

The Marlins are still going to have to pay him $7.5 million even though he's not managing, and I'm pretty sure there's a television job for him wherever the hell he wants to take one.

So Ozzie may be unemployed, but he's doing just fine at the same time.

I just hope Oney is okay.

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