Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Steve Stone: 'I'll Be Back'

Welcome Back to Steve Stone Asylum. Now for your latest update about Steve Stone!

Steve was back on The Score this morning talking to Mully and Hanley, and this time he was a lot clearer about what his intentions are this offseason.

“My plans are very simple. I plan to stay with the Chicago White Sox through this contract and hopefully beyond. Regardless of what you might have read or heard or people speculated on or blogged (about) or anything else, I will be back. It’s 100 percent. Hopefully, as I said, for many years. In looking at it, this is, in my estimation, the best big city in the country.

"It's a no-brainer. I'll be back."

So that sounds pretty cut and dry. When you say something is 100% likely to be done, you can't get any more percent than that, unless you're an athlete and you're supposed to be giving 110%.

Wait a minute, Steve Stone was an athlete! He won a Cy Young! When he says there's a 100% chance he'll be back with the White Sox next season, he's leaving 10% out there!

He's using the media to send messages to the Arizona Diamondbacks!


  1. At least until Hawk cuts his femoral artery with a crudely improvised shank

    1. Impossible. They'd have to sit a lot closer to each other for Hawk to pull that off.

  2. Great article. I personally would like to see someone else other than Steve Stone announce next season, but that looks unlikely at this point. Unless that 10% he is leaving out does mean something...haha


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