Monday, October 1, 2012

Kenny Williams Buys New Gold Coast Mansion With Help From The White Sox

If the White Sox end up slashing payroll this winter know that's it's just sound business practice. After all, the franchise needs to protect itself in case Kenny Williams defaults on his loan.

That's right, the future president of the club just bought himself a new Gold Coast mansion and did so with the help of a $2 million loan from the White Sox.

From Crain's:
Chicago White Sox general manager Ken Williams is showing an affinity for the North Side, paying $3.25 million for a six-bedroom graystone in the Gold Coast. 
Mr. Williams bought the 6,300-square-foot home near Rush and Oak streets with a little help from his employer: The Chicago White Sox Ltd. provided him a $2.15 million loan to finance the purchase last month, according to a mortgage recorded with Cook County. The loan, which carries a 3.75 percent interest rate, matures in December 2016. 
Mr. Williams declined to comment.
"Stay out of White Sox home loan business," is what Kenny actually said to Crain's. Probably.

Honestly, I don't actually care that the White Sox gave Kenny over $2 million toward his home seeing as how the team pays him and can just dock his paycheck for a few years if need be, so the team will be getting the money back.

Still, when you hear this team cry poor before the season starts and then get the attendance shaming all year long, it is somewhat annoying to hear that the team has enough cash to start giving out home loans. So whether I actually care or not, you can be damn sure I'm going to make sarcastic remarks about it all winter long.

It's just what I do.


  1. We paid 2.15 million dollars for Kenny Williams' house and all we got was this lousy season

  2. Dude its a mortgage. The White Sox are profiting off this, no differently than Chase bank would profit if he had gotten a mortgage with them.


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