Thursday, October 18, 2012

Just Say No To A-Rod

One thing has become abundantly clear watching the MLB postseason this month: Alex Rodriguez will not be back with the Yankees next season. I just don't see it being possible that a man who is being paid  $29 million in 2012 can be benched during the ALCS and come back from that in the organization.

Though I suppose if there's a team that can afford a 37-year old $114 million -- which is how much Rodriguez is owed through the 2017 season when he'll be 41 -- backup third baseman it would be the Yankees. Of course, that also means the Yankees are a team that can afford to pay Rodriguez $114 million to play somewhere else too.

And one of the teams that keeps getting mentioned as a possible landing spot for Alex is the south side.

Let me answer for Rick Hahn, Kenny Williams and the rest of the White Sox organization (I have that power now).

Is that clear enough?

Rodriguez is a Hall of Famer. He was a great player, and the White Sox will have a need for a third baseman this winter.

But Rodriguez is not that third baseman.

In 2010 ARod had a line of .270/.341/.506 with 30 home runs and 125 RBI. In the two seasons since he's hitting .274/.357/.444 with 34 homers and 114 RBI. He's also only played in 221 of a possible 324 games the last two seasons.

These trends aren't going to reverse with Rodriguez turning 38 next July.

"But Tom, if he does come to the Sox, it won't cost us anything. Why not take a chance on him?"

Because cost is not what you should be looking at here. The White Sox could sign me to play third base through 2017 for the league minimum. That doesn't mean I'll help the team!

The problem with Rodriguez is that, whether or not we're paying him or the Yankees are, we'd be stuck with him until 2017. He's not going anywhere. He'll retire here. We'll have a third baseman that just keeps getting worse taking up a roster spot for the next five seasons.

Is that what you actually want? I hope not.

The reason to say no to Rodriguez is not what he costs now. It's what he'll end up costing us in the future.


  1. I agree that A-Rod is a terrible investment over the next 5 years. He's already 37 and the numbers show that he is in the midst of a major slide. However, if the Yankees foot the bill, we can walk away at any point. He's not my first choice, but he would be a decent stop-gap solution in the short term until Carlos Sanchez is ready or we have the payroll flexibility to really address the position. If he bounces back, great. If not, we cut him and they Yankees pay the price. The third base market is brutal and with little to spend and other holes on the roster, A-Rod does not look like a terrible option on paper. I am concerned about his impact on team chemistry, and on that basis I think we should pass.

  2. I'd give: Danks, Peavy (if he's traded the 22 million is guaranteed and he'll be a free agent if he remains with us) and Jared Mitchell. Then, to get outfield depth for next year, sign Scott Hairston. Danks has proven to be less than ace-like. We could use that money to get arod at half price. If we get him at a quarter price, we could flip floyd to the Marlins to get Buehrle back. Rotation of Sale, Buehrle, Santiago, Axelrod, and, if he can bounce back, Quintana. Lineup De Aza, Hector Gimenez/AJ, Dunn, Konerko, Rios, A-rod, Alexi, Beckham, Viciedo. And Scotty in for Dayan/De Aza for tough leftys/late game. Tom, your thoughts?


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