Wednesday, October 3, 2012

It's A Good Thing Jon Heyman Isn't The White Sox General Manager

I work with Jon Heyman over at, and he's a nice guy who is good at his job. I know some other baseball bloggers have a problem with him, but the truth is that baseball bloggers can find reasons to have a problem with anybody if they want to.

For instance, you, the one reading this, I don't like you! No, I'm kidding. You're great.

Anyway, today Heyman confirmed what we heard about a few weeks ago that Rick Hahn will be taking over as general manager with Kenny Williams becoming president, and that Hahn will be what Heyman says is the team's "main baseball decision-maker."

And let's be thankful that it's not Jon Heyman, because Heyman suggests that $16 million over two years would be a good deal for A.J. Pierzynski. He also says that Kevin Youkilis would stay for about two years and $15 million.

Well no shit they'd stay for that kind of money because anybody offering it would be out of their damned minds.

Pierzynski stayed in Chicago on a two year $8 million deal after the 2010 season, spurning a larger offer from the Dodgers in the process. So why in the hell would the Sox give him $8 million annually now when he's two years older and just had the best year he'll ever have as a baseball player?

And then there's Youkilis who is apparently still going to get paid for the great years he had in Boston.

Listen, if Pierzynski and Youkilis are both in Glendale come February and making $15 million between them, I will fucking revolt.

You should too.


  1. I honestly think AJ will stay, he'll be a bit overpaid, but he'll be here next year. What the hell else are they gonna do? Let Tyler Flowers play 145 games?


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