Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fox Saturday Blackouts Won't Exist In 2014

Good news for White Sox fans who don't live in Chicago: you only have one more season of not being able to watch the White Sox play during Fox Saturday broadcasts. MLB and Fox are finally displaying some common sense here.

Now if only we could just get rid of the blackouts in general.

I spend money on MLB.tv every season. I'm not always at home, though, so having the ability to watch a White Sox game on my laptop once in a while really would come in handy. I mean, I've paid for the service, right? And that money I've paid to MLB for MLB.tv does go to all 30 MLB teams, does it not?

So the White Sox are getting my money either way.

So just get rid of the blackouts, MLB. Unless you just really appreciate the irony of using outdated practices for a modern technology.

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  1. It's about goddamn time. After the way they mishandled the broadcast of Philip Humber's perfect game, I would expect no less.


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