Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Carlton Fisk Arrested In A Corn Field Because Why Not?

Well this has just been a banner day for former White Sox players, hasn't it? First Ozzie Guillen got fired by the Miami Marlins, and now comes word that Carlton Fisk was arrested.

For a DUI.

In a cornfield.

Take it away, TMZ!
MLB Hall of Fame catcher Carlton Fisk was arrested for DUI last night in Illinois -- after allegedly driving his truck into the middle of a freakin' corn field ... law enforcement sources tell TMZ. 
According to law enforcement sources, the New Lenox PD received a call about a car in the middle of a corn field around 7:20 PM. 
When police arrived, officers say they found Fisk behind the wheel of his F-150 -- which had a flat tire -- and he appeared to be fast asleep. We're told cops also found an open vodka bottle in the vehicle.
Was the vodka made from corn? Maybe Fisk was just trying to take the vodka home to be with its family before it died. Did the police ever think of that? I bet not. Those damn police sure aren't very considerate.

I mean, so what if a man wants to take his vodka back to its family before it dies. Shouldn't he be allowed to do just that? I don't know about you, but I think Carlton Fisk is a drunk with a heart of gold.

And those are the best kind.

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