Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Bruce Levine Is Out Of His Damn Mind

Bruce Levine is insane. He finally proved it today.

Levine wrote about Ozzie Guillen being fired by the Miami Marlins and sanely predicted that Guillen would get into broadcasting somewhere before eventually returning to a dugout as manager. A reasonable assumption.

However, it was this reasonable assumption that apparently sent Levine to the darkest corners of his mind, and when he returned he was not the same man he'd been before. Because that's when he wrote this to finish his story.
If the White Sox are looking to get people more excited about their team and broadcasts, making Guillen a third wheel in the television booth might make Sox games appointment viewing.
Jesus Christ. Ozzie Guillen, Hawk Harrelson and Steve Stone in the same booth. You think Steve Stone is unhappy now, just imagine how pissed he'd be if he lost even more time to Ozzie's insane, unintelligible ramblings during a game.

He'd probably just leave the booth during the middle of a May game against the Royals and never return.

The good news is that this will never happen. Not just because it'd be an abject fucking disaster, but because I have a hard time seeing Guillen brought back into the organization so quickly after the fallout between him and Kenny Williams and Don Cooper last year.

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  1. Hoo boy. Whatever Brucie is smoking, I want a hit of that. He's right about one thing though, an Ozzie/Hawk/Stone booth really would be must see tv. And probably put @nothawk out of a job in the process =(


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