Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Adam Dunn Is Sporting News Comeback Player Of The Year

In reality, Adam Dunn didn't have all that great of a season. He had the lowest OBP for a guy with over 100 walks in MLB history at only .333, and a lot of that had to do with a batting average that barely got to the right side of the Mendoza Line at .204.

However, he did hit 41 homers -- many of which were important homers -- and drive in 96 RBI. So when you compare his 2012 season to what he did in 2011, it was a remarkable turnaround.

So it's not surprising he's been named the Sporting News Comeback Player Of The Year.

Dunn was one of three candidates for the award on his own team, joining Alex Rios and Jake Peavy. Personally I would think both Rios and Peavy are more deserving of the award because they had better seasons overall, but neither had a year as terrible as Dunn did in 2011.

Whatever the case, let's hope Gordon Beckham wins it in 2013.

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