Sunday, September 16, 2012

White Sox 9 Twins 2: Sweepin' Ain't Easy

Unless you're playing the Twins.

I was paying pretty close attention to this game until the White Sox exploded for 6 runs in the sixth inning, and that allowed me to focus on my fantasy football team just in time to see Eli Manning and Victor Cruz go off.

So I really appreciate that.

I also appreciate the way you won this game and swept a team that you should sweep, ensuring that no matter what happens in today's Tigers game -- Detroit currently trails Cleveland as I type this -- we can be in nothing worst than a tie for first place after tomorrow's makeup game.

I appreciate Jake Peavy finally getting some run support and being allowed to breathe for once. There's no way in hell a pitcher in the American League should have win-loss record as mediocre as 11-11 when he has an ERA of 3.26. It just shouldn't happen.

I'm in awe of the raw power of Dayan Viciedo. Yes, Adam Dunn's homer was a bomb, but Dayan Viciedo's was an absolute laser beam. That baseball got from his bat to the second deck in left field in approximately 2.5 seconds, and it was still rising when it got there.

When people say somebody has a "lively bat" or that the ball "jumps off his bat" think of that home run by Viciedo right there, and you'll know exactly what they're talking about.

So, yeah, this sweep is over. Let's go beat the Tigers tomorrow.


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  1. Is this a strange season or what? One more chance to knock off the Tigers as the schedule shrinks.


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