Monday, September 10, 2012

White Sox 6 Tigers 1: We Needed This One

We needed this one. Not just to end our losing streak against Detroit. Not just to put another game between us in the standings.

But for our sanity.

Life as a White Sox fan hasn't been a lot of fun the last few weeks, but such is life while in the midst of a pennant race in September. Stress levels rise, as does anger, as does joy during certain moments.

Moments like Alex Rios' three-run homer in sixth inning that finally put the Sox on the board after they blew numerous chances. A moment that was made only sweeter by A.J. Pierzynski following it with a solo shot.

I had tweeted during the game that I felt it would take only one moment for the offensive floodgates to open and for the Sox to get the monkey off their back, and I hope Rios' homer was that moment.

I also hope tonight was the night Jose Quintana got over the hump. Quintana had been struggling mightily as of late, but he picked a great time to have his best start of the season.

7.2 innings, only 2 walks, 7 strikeouts and only 1 run allowed. He also kept both Miguel Cabrera and Prince Fielder in check, as that duo went 0-for-6 against Quintana. You shut those two down and life against the Tigers becomes a whole lot easier.

Now, while this first win was incredibly important, the second one is even more so. There are three games still left in this series, and three weeks left in this season. A lot can still happen, but for one night at least, we can relax and enjoy September baseball.

Let's hope it lasts.



  1. Gutsy outing from Quintana. AJ and Rios took this shit by the horns. Feels good to drink tonight out of joy rather than to drown the pain.

  2. Scoring all your runs on home runs is awesome. When you win.


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