Tuesday, September 18, 2012

White Sox 3 Royals 2: Well There's One

Ordinarily I'd probably be perturbed about the fact the Sox relied on three solo homers to score all their runs on Tuesday night, but this game was against the Royals.

I don't care how the Sox go about beating the Royals, just as long as they do just that: beat the Royals.

Things started well, as Alejandro De Aza took the second pitch of the game and planted it in the bullpen out in right field. That was followed exactly how you'd expect it to, as well, with the Royals responding with 2 runs off Gavin Floyd in the bottom of the first to immediately take the lead right back.

But then Gavin Floyd got into a groove, as he went 7 innings with relative easy, throwing only 78 pitches.

Gordon Beckham would later tie it with a solo shot, and Alex Rios continued being our MVP with a 900-foot moonshot to give the Sox the lead.

It's a nice chance to see the White Sox beating the Royals for once, but it's still just the first game of a three-game series. There are two more to go.

As Hawk might say, don't stop now, boys. Win the next two as well.


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