Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Week 23 Hitters Poll: A Total Team Effort

The improvement that we started to see from the offense two weeks ago continued last week at the most important time. Not surprisingly, the White Sox went 4-2 since our last set of rankings thanks to strong performances throughout the lineup.

Really, aside from only two players in the lineup, everybody had an acceptable week, and plenty had fantastic weeks.

Who did what? Well the chart is right below this sentence, genius.

1Alex Rios 556 1 23
2Paul Konerko452 2 19
3Adam Dunn 442 3 16
4A.J. Pierzynski 429 4 6
5Alexei Ramirez 404 5 13
6Alejandro De Aza 384 63
7Gordon Beckham 364 725
8Dayan Viciedo339 8 25
9Kevin Youkilis 260 9 26
10Dewayne Wise115 10 20
11Tyler Flowers  80 11 6
12Orlando Hudson62 12 4
13Eduardo Escobar 45 13 0
14Brent Morel 33 14 0
15Jordan Danks 30 15 0
16Brent Lillibridge 18 16 0
16Kosuke Fukudome  18 16 0
18Dan Johnson 15 19 4
19Ray Olmedo 12 18 0
20Hector Gimenez 3 20 0
20Jose Lopez 3 20 0

As you can see, only Alejandro De Aza and A.J. Pierzynski struggled this week, and when you look at Dewayne Wise's output it's not hard to figure out why Robin went with him over De Aza on Monday. Though I should point out that had Wise's Stupidest Decision Ever cost the Sox the game yesterday I would have docked him 500 points and shipped him to Siberia in a crate.

Seriously, though, look at the production from the regulars this week. Paulie had 19 points, and Dunn had 16 in half a week, but Rios, Beckham, Viciedo, Youkilis and Wise all put up 20 or more points. If that becomes a trend then wrapping up this division won't be all that difficult and the Sox could do some real damage in the playoffs.

Last week's rankings can be found here.

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