Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Week 21 Hitters Poll: Your Middle Infield Carrying Your Offense Is Rarely A Good Sign

You're not going to believe this considering the White Sox have gone 2-5 since last week's Hitters Poll, but there weren't exactly a lot of points scored by our South Side Hitmen this week.

In fact, only two Sox players even managed to break the 20-point mark this week, and it was from that bastian of power hitting, the White Sox middle infield.

Here's the latest.

1Alex Rios 495 1 11
2Adam Dunn421 2 6
3Paul Konerko 413 3 13
4A.J. Pierzynski 403 4 7
5Alejandro De Aza 369 5 8
5Alexei Ramirez 369 625
7Gordon Beckham 320 724
8Dayan Viciedo298 8 12
9Kevin Youkilis 221 9 4
10Dewayne Wise 67 11 11
11Tyler Flowers  58 10 -2
11Orlando Hudson58 12 4
13Eduardo Escobar 45 13 0
14Brent Morel 33 14 0
15Jordan Danks 32 15 0
16Brent Lillibridge 18 16 0
16Kosuke Fukudome  18 16 0
18Ray Olmedo 11 18 0
19Dan Johnson 4 NA 4
20Hector Gimenez 3 NA 3
20Jose Lopez 3 NA 3

Yeah, Alexei Ramirez continues his hot hitting of the last few weeks -- you know the old saying, when the weather warms up, so does Alexei three months after the weather warms up -- but the biggest surprise here is Gordon Beckham.

Is it nice to see Gordon having such a strong week? Of course, it's better than the alternative. The problem is that when Gordon Beckham is your biggest bat in the lineup for a week you're going to go 2-5 and watch your division lead shrink rapidly.

Another problem is having Alejandro De Aza out-produce Adam Dunn, Kevin Youkilis and A.J. Pierzynski in only two games.

Last week's rankings can be found here.

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