Sunday, September 2, 2012

Tigers 5 White Sox 1: A Little Bit Of History Repeating

I didn't watch this game yet, and I'm not even sure I will. I did keep track of everything on Twitter, though, and from the sounds of it there was a whole lot of the same old same old.

Walks galore.

No bunting at Cabrera.

Delmon Young being an asshole.

Playing like we know we don't have a chance.

In short, a whole lot of things that make me not want to even watch the game because I'm already pretty damn exhausted, and I'm not in the mood to be angry too.

Now tomorrow night to avoid the sweep the Sox have to beat Justin Verlander. Yeah, we have Chris Sale on the mound, but he may have to be perfect for us to get the win.

It's time for this team to figure out it belongs here and start fucking playing like it against the Tigers.



  1. Dont know where u guys get the idea that all bunts toward Cabrera will be base hits....he has actually bare handed a few of them for outs this year and besides, you are assuming that all such bunts will be placed perfectly past the pitcher and die on the grass. Finally, a ton of players in MLB, including many ChiSox, have little or no history bunting, anyway.

    1. It's the fact that his ankles are killing him and he can barely get around right now. The one time the Sox bunted at him on Friday should have been an easy out as Beckham popped it up, but Miggy was too slow and by the time he got to the ball it was a base hit.

  2. Even if the White Sox get swept its hardly time to panic. Next week the Tigers come here for four. This series is much bigger for them. Twins and Royals coming to the cell this week so definitely time to recover.


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