Sunday, September 2, 2012

Tigers 4 White Sox 2: Well They Swept Us Again

There's really not a whole lot to break down or dissect about this game. I could sum the entire thing up with one sentence.

Justin Verlander is really good at pitching.

Yeah, Alejandro De Aza led off the game with a homer off Verlander, but he's always been his most susceptible in the first inning -- and with Verlander, susceptible is relative -- but from that point on it was a whole lot of LOL GOOD LUCK WITH THAT.

Yeah, it was another night in which the Sox refused to test Miguel Cabrera and his bad ankle, but at the same time I'm not sure it would have ever mattered.

If somebody got on via the bunt the rest of the lineup would still have to drive him in against Verlander, and I can only imagine that bunting off of Verlander is as easy as hitting him.

As for Chris Sale, he was not at his best tonight, but he battled his ass off. He also only made one bad pitch the entire night, and that was the Brennan Boesch home run to straight away center as Sale caught too much of the plate with a fastball.

Sure, he's later give up the three-run blast to Delmon Young, but it was on a slider that was at most six inches off the dirt. Young just went down there and got it, and sometimes all you can do is tip your cap.

So we're now no longer in first place by ourselves. It blows, but it isn't the end of the world, either. The last time the Sox were in Detroit they came in with a 1.5-game lead and left with a 1.5-game deficit.

They were back in first place four days later.

What's important is that the Sox head home and take care of business against the Twins and Royals before the Tigers come to town for four next week.

Until we get swept in those four games, there's nothing to get suicidal about.


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