Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Royals 3 White Sox 0: The Height Of Unclutch


What a thoroughly unenjoyable contest that one was.

I'm not going to panic just because the Sox were shutout by the Royals and the Tigers won closing the gap to two games in the division. After all, even though this loss was ugly -- fugly, actually -- the Sox did win five in a row coming into this one, so it's hard to be too mad about things.

Still, as I said above, woof.

Chris Sale did all you could ask of him, allowing 3 earned runs though in reality he should have only been charged with 1 earned run. How Dayan Viciedo didn't get an error for not catching a fly ball that allowed 2 runs to score I'll never know.

Just a hometown scorer trying to get Alex Gordon a couple RBI I guess.

Along with Sale, Alejandro De Aza came to play tonight, but sadly, that was it for the White Sox.

The fourth inning was a microcosm of this entire game. Adam Dunn led the inning off with a walk, and Paul Konerko followed him up with a free pass of his own. Alex Rios then singled to left, but Dunn was held at third as with no outs there wasn't much reason to test Alex Gordon's arm.

At least, there shouldn't have been. But then Dayan Viciedo hit an infield popup on the second pitch he saw. Alexei Ramirez would follow it up with another infield popup on the first pitch he saw. Tyler Flowers would then spare himself the indignity of popping up by striking out.

Just like that a bases loaded, no outs situation created zero runs.

On the night the White Sox were 1-for-12 with runners in scoring position. Alexei left 6 runners on base, Dayan 5, Youk 4 and Tyler stranded 3.

It seems the solo home run offense of Tuesday night is our best bet.


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