Thursday, September 27, 2012

Rays 3 White Sox 2: What's The Point?

The White Sox had the bases loaded with nobody out in consecutive innings tonight. They scored 2 runs: one on a hit by pitch and the other on a 6-4-3 double play.

What the hell else do I even have to say?

Jake Peavy, in what was likely his last start at The Cell in a White Sox uniform, gave the Sox everything they needed tonight. His offense responded by wetting itself repeatedly.

This morning I talked about keeping hope. Tonight I'm telling you it's probably time to give up.

Feels like the White Sox already have.


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  1. Let no one mourn the 2012 White Sox for they were exactly as we all expected them to be.

    Ventura was hired to manage a middle of the pack team which is exactly what he did. He wasn't great this year, but he is not even remotely responsible for the ridiculous collapse.

    The biggest issue here is that no one on the offensive side had a dog shit season like Dunn and and Rios did in 2011. Everyone did exactly what was expected out of them (except AJ and Rios who exceeded expectations) and this team is still gonna be the 8th best in the league, which tells you all there is to know about the collective talent level of the roster. If the Sox want to run with the Tigers anytime soon, a big roster shakeup is needed.


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