Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Kenny Williams Questions The Team's Intellect

I swear to god it's as if Kenny Williams is on a mission to make me fall in love with him all over again.

He's spent the entire year making smart moves to ensure that this team has a chance to compete for the division and get to the playoffs, and now he's reading this blog and reading me bitch about the Sox not bunting at Miguel Cabrera last weekend and thinking to himself "holy shit, this Tom Fornelli guy is incredibly handsome, but he's also pretty damn smart.

Turns out that Kenny wasn't a huge fan of the way the Sox approached the Tigers this weekend.

“This is September, man,” Williams told the Daily Herald. “It's September in the midst of a playoff run. There are common denominators for the teams that will ultimately survive this stretch. It's the will, the intellect and the talent, and not necessarily in that order. Will, intellect and talent.

“There are games where you have to will your way to win and there are other games where you have to use your baseball intellect. We had an opportunity in Detroit, for instance, and one of the conversations we had on the bus and the plane was, 'OK, let's review what happened. Did we play the smartest baseball? Did we take advantage of the other team's weaknesses and did we have the right game plan?'

“Well, it wasn't a matter of talent that lost us those three games. We think we didn't step up in that (intellect) category. But every now and then, you run into a couple of buzz saws like they have the potential to do in their starting rotation and it is what it is. But for the most part, those three things I just talked about will carry the day in September. Not just for us, for everybody.”

Thank you!

While Kenny wouldn't go into specifics because he didn't want to tip the Tigers to his plans for next week, it's obvious he was referring to the team's reluctance to bunt at a Miguel Cabrera who has been seriously hobbled.

Not only would bunting at Cabrera potentially helped the Sox get more runners on base, but it also may have increased the discomfort Cabrera was feeling in general.

Probably not so easy to destroy our pitching when you're in a lot of pain.

If he's still in the same obvious pain when Detroit is in town next week and the Sox don't test him I may just storm the field and tackle him myself.

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