Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Indians 4 White Sox 3: Solo Shot Offense Just Not Enough

Hawk spent the majority of the day blaming Gordon Beckham for the Sox not being able to turn a double play in the fourth inning that would allow three runs to score and increase Cleveland's lead to 4-0.

Never mind that it was a difficult play to make, or that you can never assume the double play, Hawk said the Sox gave the Indians "gift runs." Which is total crap.

You know who gave the Indians gift runs? That would be Francisco Liriano. He's the pitcher who allowed 9 runners to reach base in his 3.2 innings. He's the pitcher who had needed 66 pitches just to get the first seven outs before the Sox couldn't turn that double play, and he's the pitcher who couldn't pitch over it either.

Had Liriano not walked Carlos Santana to lead off the inning, given up a double to Russ Canzler -- who had homered earlier off of Liriano -- and then walked Lillibridge to load the bases with one out after striking out Matt LaPorta, well, then Beckham never needs to turn that double play, does he?

Anyway, my point is blame the guy who walked 2 and gave up 7 hits in 3.2 innings against one of the worst offenses in the league -- only Seattle has scored less runs -- in a game his team needed him to be at his best.

Blame an offense that can't score a damn run without leaving the ballpark. Yeah, the drama and timing of Adam Dunn's homers last night overshadowed it, but the Sox only managed 3 runs today as well. All on solo homers.

Of course, it might be easier to manufacture runs if the Sox didn't keep running into outs, like they did twice today. Still, at least I understand the reasoning behind those moves. When your offense can't string together two or three hits sometimes you look to push the envelope.

So as you can see there's plenty of blame to go around, as usual. And sticking with common themes around here, now we must turn to somebody else to do our dirty work for us. Go Royals.


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    4.16 runs/game in September
    2.28 runs/game in the last week


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