Friday, September 14, 2012

American League Power Rankings: Week 23

The AL Central is the Will Ohman of divisions
Did you know that the American League Central is terrible? Yes? Well, would you like to see further proof of how terrible the American League Central really is?

Awesome. All you have to do is continue reading this week's power rankings and you will see for yourself that the American League Central is awful and should just be taken out back behind whatever building it's in and be shot.

Just don't have anybody associated with the American League Central do the shooting because they'll fail. It's the only thing they know how to do.

1. Texas Rangers (85-58): Yeah there isn't a lot new to report here. The Rangers are still really good and have a pretty large lead on the rest of the league even if they went 3-3 this week. A large portion of the credit for this goes to the AL East which is currently cannibalizing itself. (1)

2. Los Angeles Angels (78-66): Yep, that's right. Even though the Angels would miss the playoffs if the season ended today, their stats are consistently among the best in the league across the board right now, and the only thing keeping them back is the fact they just don't win often enough. Though looking at the numbers, they really should be. (5)

3. New York Yankees (81-62): The Yankees have lost control of the AL East and they've also lost their place in the top two for the first time since April. (2)

4. Oakland Athletics (82-61): We are four teams into these rankings and we already have our third AL West member. There are only four teams in the AL West, mind you, until next year anyway when the Astros will show up and proceed to add even more wins to their division-mates records. (4)

5. Tampa Bay Rays (77-66): The Rays just got swept by Baltimore which probably kills their chances of winning the AL East, but they're still right in the thick of it as far as the wild card is concerned. (3)

6. Baltimore Orioles (81-62): The Orioles are tied for first place in the AL East in September and it's not 1996. Camden Yards is full every night and it's not because fans were promised that Peter Angelos would be burned to death on a stake in the middle of centerfield. These are truly amazing times. (6)

7. Chicago White Sox (76-66): Oh, hey AL Central team. So nice of you to finally show up to our little party. (7)

8. Detroit Tigers (75-67): Would you just fucking kill us if you're going to do it already? I mean, how incompetent can you be? You are 12-5 against the team you're chasing in the division and you still can't get to first place! What the hell is wrong with you? (8)

9. Seattle Mariners (69-75): Yes, the AL Central is so good that it doesn't even show up in these rankings until just before the final team in the AL West does. The final team in the AL West that is currently 6 games under .500. (9)

10. Boston Red Sox (64-80): Don't take this personally, Boston, but after the constant adulation of this franchise for the last ten years from mainstream media outlets, I'm enjoying your downfall this season more than I probably should. (10)

11. Toronto Blue Jays (65-77): Come on, Blue Jays, the Red Sox are already in last place in the standings, play well enough to pass them here too. (11)

12. Kansas City Royals (65-78): The Royals have a better record than the Red Sox. Just pointing that out. (12)

13. Minnesota Twins (60-84): Is there anything more exciting than the battle between the Indians and Twins for fourth place in the AL Central? Of course not! (13)

14. Cleveland Indians (60-84): The Tigers are in town this weekend, Cleveland. You know what you must do. (14)

Last week's rankings can be found here.

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