Friday, September 7, 2012

American League Power Rankings: Week 22

You are obviously well aware of the battle between the White Sox and Tigers right now in the AL Central. The Tigers swept the Sox for the second time this season and gain shared possession of first place for a day before falling to their Royals -- the Cleveland Indians -- and giving first place right back to the Sox.

Well, while the Tigers and White Sox have been dancing, the rest of the American League has taken advantage of that time to run right past them in the Power Rankings. Particularly that confusing team pictured up top.

1. Texas Rangers (82-55): While both other divisions have very interesting races at the moment the Rangers -- the only team in the league presently assured of a winning season -- have quietly taken control of the AL West, though a 5.5 game lead guarantees nothing. Still, there's nothing that the Rangers have shown to make you think they're going to give it up. (1)

2. New York Yankees (77-60): Then there are the Yankees who have seen their once comfortable lead pissed away thanks mostly to injuries and two teams in the division who are suddenly red hot. A 2-5 week wasn't enough to knock them out of the second spot, but another one will be. (2)

3. Tampa Bay Rays (75-62): Up and down the Rays go. They were in third two weeks ago before dropping to fifth and now they're back in third. Of course, they're also in third place within their own division and would miss the playoffs if the season started today. Sometimes life just isn't fair. (5)

4. Oakland Athletics (76-60): I thought the Athletics would take a step back after losing Bartolo Colon but they didn't. Now Brandon McCarthy is going to miss some time after taking a line drive to the head.  I bet that won't affect them either. (4)

5. Los Angeles Angels (74-63): As soon as the Angels get themselves back into the playoff race they find out Jered Weaver has to get his arm looked at. Obviously, if there's something wrong with Weaver then this team is in a lot of trouble. (6)

6. Baltimore Orioles (77-60): Yes, they're finally climbing up these rankings, but not enough just yet. The thing that had been holding Baltimore back all season was its run differential, which was just mindboggling considering their record. Well, it's rapidly approaching zero at the moment and it might even break on through to the positive side eventually. (8)

7. Chicago White Sox (74-62): And we finally reach the AL Central portion of our program. If the season were to end today the White Sox would win the division and be in the playoffs, but they wouldn't be favored against anybody. The question is whether or not this team has already peaked, or if it's going through a late-season rough patch like the 2005 team did. I know which one I'm pulling for. (3)

8. Detroit Tigers (73-63): Just like in the real standings, the Tigers trail the Sox by the slimmest of margins in the power rankings. Against the White Sox this season the Tigers are 10-4. The problem is they're 63-59 against everybody else. (7)

9. Seattle Mariners (67-71): I'm going to go out on a limb and say that if this team played in the AL Central it would actually be in the playoff hunt. (10)

10. Boston Red Sox (63-75): It's good to see the Red Sox were able to rid themselves of the cancer that cost them the postseason last season. (9)

11. Toronto Blue Jays (61-75): I'd type a longer blurb but I'm afraid I'd end up on the disabled list if I did. (11)

12. Kansas City Royals (61-76): The Royals are 8-4 against the White Sox, 53-72 against everybody else. Though with three games against the Sox this week maybe the Royals can overtake Toronto or Boston in the rankings. (12)

13. Minnesota Twins (56-81): Maybe if the Twins had spread out the 18 runs against us on Tuesday to their other 14 games against us they wouldn't be 4-11 versus the Sox this season. (13)

14. Cleveland Indians (58-79): Not going to say anything mean about you, Cleveland. You took two of three from the Tigers this week and I consider you heroes for that. (14)

Last week's rankings can be found here.

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