Thursday, September 27, 2012

A Brief Reality Check

You're freaking out right now, I get it. You may have given up all hope as well, which I also understand.

These are natural reactions to seeing the Sox lose a series at home to the Indians while walking 12 batters and seeing the Tigers step into first place all by themselves.

It's hard to keep calm and remain optimistic when you see your team lose 7 of 8 during the most important part of the season.

The stress is immeasurable watching this team play night after night. I know. I'm there with you.

But I'm also here to tell you there's no need to give up hope just yet.

You must remember that the Tigers have taken first place from us once before. The Tigers swept the Sox in a three-game series in July to go from a half-game back to 1.5 games ahead of us. Four days later we were back in first place again. Detroit would pull into another tie with us earlier this month and not even hang for 24 hours before falling behind again.

We've been here before, and we've overcome this before. There's no reason to think we can't do it again.

And don't say we're playing worse now than we were in those instances, because we weren't. When Detroit took the lead in July we had lost 6 of 7 games. Earlier this month it was 7 losses in 8 games.

We recovered each time. We can recover again. There are still 7 games left to play, and Detroit has to play 6 of those games outside of Comerica Park, where they're 34-41.

The Tigers are also losing another start from Max Scherzer whose shoulder continues to bother him.

This is still the same Tigers team that was swept in a doubleheader by the Twins just this week.

Detroit is a team that has problems too.

It's not over yet. All it takes is one win.


  1. I've thrown in the towel. The bullpen is worn out, the hitters are worn out and everything Robin tries turns to dust. If that Dunn homer in the bottom of the eighth Monday night didn't snap them out of it, nothing will.

    While I believe tomorrow is a brighter day, I also believe these guys have as much of a chance to win the division as Jay Cutler and the Bears offense does to score 40 points on Dallas Monday night. Short of J'Marcus Webb driving to the wrong stadium, you know that won't happen.

    At least they won't lose it on the last day of the season.

  2. That's all fine and good, but it's all qualitative.

    Last 7 days:
    Sox- 0.213/0.282/0.362, 2.83 runs/game, 74 tOPS+, 4.41 ERA, 1.54 SO/BB, 3 unearned runs allowed
    Tigers- 0.281 /0.330/0.427, 4.33 runs/game, 98 tOPS+, 2.62 ERA, 8.67 SO/BB, 2 unearned runs allowed


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