Monday, August 20, 2012

White Sox 9 Yankees 6: No Royals, No Problem

Baseball truly doesn't make any sense. The Sox looked absolutely terrible and, to be honest, pretty frightened against Kansas City over the weekend.

So of course on a night when Gavin Floyd can't even get out of the third inning and the New York Yankees -- the team with the best record in the American League -- jump out to a 3-0 lead, the White Sox battle back two times to pull out a victory.

The Sox would take the lead after scoring 5 runs in the fifth inning, but give it right back to the Yankees when they allowed 3 runs in the sixth.

Again they'd battle back, though.

Gordon Beckham hit a solo homer in the sixth to tie it, and then Alexei Ramirez hit a two-run shot in the seventh to take the lead. The Sox would never give it back.

All in all the Sox would hit 4 home runs tonight, but the offense wasn't nearly as home run dependent as it would seem looking at that stat. In the five-run fifth only the first two runs came on a homer from Dewayne Wise. The Sox then continued to hit and put 3 more runs on the board before finally going down.

Brett Myers got the win, but this is a victory that belongs to the bullpen, particularly Hector Santiago. Hector gave up 3 runs in his 3 innings of work, but that came at the end of his outing.

If it hadn't been for Hector coming in to put out Gavin's fire in the third inning, we probably don't have a game to come back in.

Matt Thornton would pitch a perfect eighth before Addison Reed came in and picked up his 22nd save of the season, breaking the previous rookie record of Salome Barojas. When was the last time you heard that name?


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  1. I had allowed myself to take a sort of White Sox break during the KC series. After all, I didn't want to send myself into a state of depression. This was a great game to come back too... and we're still 2 games ahead!


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