Wednesday, August 15, 2012

White Sox 9 Blue Jays 5: A Wise Decision

When Paul Konerko went on the disabled list last week, many people were caught off guard when the Sox promoted Dewayne Wise to replace him on the roster, along with sending down Jordan Danks two days after he hit a walk-off home run.

Most Sox fans expected Dan Johnson. When the news was first announced I heard from a number of people telling me how stupid it was to bring up Wise over Johnson.

They've been pretty quiet since.

Of course, nobody could have expected Wise to do what he's been doing for the Sox. He's now played three games with the Sox and has 5 hits and 6 RBI in those three games, including a home run and 4 RBI tonight.

He's been fantastic, so let's all enjoy this while it lasts because I highly doubt this is going to last very long.

Speaking of things that probably won't last very long, Gavin Floyd looked terrific for five innings tonight. Then the sixth inning came, and he started leaving pitches up and the 4-1 lead the Sox had was gone.

Thankfully Adam Dunn was ready to get it back, hitting a 3-run laser-guided missile to right field to take the lead right back in the seventh. Dayan Viciedo then followed with a two-run shot as well, continuing to make the seats in right field one of the most dangerous places in the world tonight.

Honestly, when Adam Dunn's homer landed I expected a fireball and body parts to be flying around.

Not everything was great for the Sox tonight, however, as Orlando Hudson had to leave the game after fouling a ball off his foot. I'm not going to speculate, but I wouldn't be surprised if we see Jose Lopez in Chicago in the next couple of days.

How about that Kenny Williams? The man is just in the zone this season.


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