Friday, August 3, 2012

White Sox 8 Angels 6: If Only I Were A Woman So I Could Have Alex Rios' Babies

You know, in between Adam Dunn destroying Chris Iannetta and A.J Pierzynski giving Sarah Kustok a shaving cream pie, there was an actual baseball game tonight.

A baseball game that was nearly as entertaining.

Phil Humber did everything he could to ruin this one for Sox fans, promptly blowing the 4-0 lead the Sox spotted him in the first inning, but luckily Zack Greinke was the Zack Greinke we're used to seeing pitch at The Cell and not the one that shut the Sox out as a Brewer in June.

Of course, there aren't many pitchers that can contain the greatest baseball player of all time at the moment, Alex Rios.

Rios first turned momentum around in this game by hitting a solo shot to cut the Angels lead to 6-5 in the sixth inning, and then after Alejandro De Aza tied things up in the seventh with a double, Rios came to the plate once more in the bottom of the tenth.

Then, with one out and Jordan Danks on second, Rios did what he does best.

He ruled the world.

I hated Alex the last few years, only because I wanted to like him.

I love the man now, though.


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  1. Everyone always wanted Rios to do well. He makes everything look so damn easy and looks good while doing it. I think that's why he takes so much hate from fans when he's not playing well. It's so gratifying seeing him play well. It's time to wear my Rios jersey again.


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