Tuesday, August 21, 2012

White Sox 7 Yankees 3: A Grand Ol' Time

As I said in the preview post earlier tonight, I was out having dinner with friends tonight, so I didn't see most of tonight's game.

In fact, the girlfriend and I had just gotten in my car and begun the drive home from suburbia when Kevin Youkilis stepped to the plate with the bases loaded.

We all know how that ended, with Youkilis hitting his second grand slam of the season to right field at The Cell, though his first in a White Sox uniform. Then I heard just about everything else on the radio until I got home to see A.J. Pierzynski triple in the bottom of the eighth inning and score on a Gordon Beckham single.

When you see Pierzynski triple and then Gordon single him home, you don't need to see the entire game. You know things have gone pretty well.

As for the pitching, all I have to go on with Francisco Liriano is his line in the box score, and it looks like things went pretty well. He gave up the homer to Jeter on the first pitch and then allowed another run, but shut things down from that point on.

He finished with 7 strikeouts, and while the 3 walks is never anything you want to see, he obviously worked around them. In fact, aside from the start against Oakland, Frankie's given us just about everything we can ask for.

Now tomorrow we try and sweep the Yankees. Which is something that teams always do after being swept by the Royals.


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