Saturday, August 25, 2012

White Sox 5 Mariners 4: I Can't Think Of A Title For This Post

Do I title this post after the ejections of A.J. Pierzynski and Robin Ventura?

Do I take a shot at Lance Barrett and his Amazing Strike Zone of a Different Shape?

Do I pay homage to Tyler Flowers for coming in for AJ and having a big night?

I don't know. So we'll just leave the title what it is. The only part of it that matters is the part that says "White Sox 5 Mariners 4" anyway.

Jose Quintana got off to a terrible start tonight, allowing 3 runs in the first and walking 4 during the inning. Things could have been -- and should have been -- much worse, but the Sox have proven to be pretty good at minimizing damage all season long.

Quintana would get his act together after that, and the Sox would come back to take the lead, which led to a pretty amazing stat from Chris Kamka.

The worse Jose does the better the team plays!

Anyway, the Sox would battle their way back into the game slowly and surely, with Tyler Flowers homering in the sixth to tie the game. Flowers would figure into the final score again, laying down a perfect bunt in the eighth inning, even though he had two strikes on him, and getting an infield single.

Alexei Ramirez would then hit a sac fly for what proved to be a very important insurance run.

That's because in the ninth inning Addison Reed would allow a solo shot to Kyle Seager before recording the third out and sending the Sox to a season high 15 games over .500.


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