Tuesday, August 14, 2012

White Sox 3 Blue Jays 2: Defense! Clap Clap ClapClapClap

I made a note during tonight's game on Twitter that the Detroit Tigers had allowed 58 unearned runs this season while the White Sox had only allowed 21. That's 37 runs that scored against Detroit because the Tigers defense gave an opponent extra outs.

And that only includes the times Tigers players actually got charged with an error.

You think those 37 extra runs haven't made a difference in the division standings this season?

It's clear that the White Sox are the superior team defensively, and while I'm not sure they're the best defensive team in the American League as Hawk said during the game tonight, I feel confident saying they're the best in the division.

And they needed it tonight.

If it weren't for Kevin Youkilis making a couple of plays at third base tonight, odds are we lose this one. First he made a nice back-handed play on a bad hop to end the first inning after Toronto had already scored a run, then in the fourth he caught a line drive by Edwin Encarnacion and doubled Rajai Davis off second to get out of a bases loaded jam.

If those plays aren't made, tonight is a sad occasion (not to mention the play Youk made falling into the crowd to catch a foul ball, as evidenced by his dangling legs above).

On the flip side, the Sox scored the winning run thanks to defensive mistakes by Toronto. A wild pick off throw by Henderson Alvarez allowed Alejandro De Aza to score the Sox' third run in the fifth inning, and that was the deciding factor.

Things got a bit hairy in the later innings, which they tend to do in one-run games, but Brett Myers and Addison Reed were able to put out a couple of fires, with Reed earning his second four-out save of the season.


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