Wednesday, August 22, 2012

White Sox 2 Yankees 1: Tis Better To Sweep Than To Be Swept

Well if that wasn't exactly what we needed after the nuclear meltdown of the series in Kansas City over the weekend, I don't know what was.

The White Sox finished off a sweep of the Yankees, becoming the only team in baseball to sweep both the Yankees and Rangers this season. Hell, it was the first time the Sox swept a series against the Yankees at home since 1991.

We were still playing in Comiskey Park, and Frank Thomas was 23 years old and in his first full season with the Sox.

As awesome as the sweep is, it isn't as awesome as Chris Sale was tonight. Sale, in a word, was magnificent.

He lasted 7.2 innings, allowed only 3 hits and 1 walk while striking out 13. It was fucking beautiful, man. Just an absolute joy to watch.

Whether he was blowing guys away with the fastball, fooling them with the changeup or just freezing them with the slider, everything Chris was throwing was working.

Just brilliant, amazing, wonderful and a whole lot of other superlatives and adjectives.

Just awesome.


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