Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Week 20 Hitters Poll: Yooooooouk

Considering that the White Sox had already played 72 games before Kevin Youkilis joined the fold, I didn't think it would be possible for him to get much higher than ninth place in these polls.

If things go they way they should, he probably still won't, but it's hard not to notice how he's closing the gap between himself and those who have been with the Sox all season.

He's sneaking up on both Dayan Viciedo and Gordon Beckham.

1Alex Rios 484 1 24
2Adam Dunn415 2 13
3Paul Konerko 400 4 23
4A.J. Pierzynski 396 3 5
5Alejandro De Aza 361 5 0
6Alexei Ramirez 344 622
7Gordon Beckham 296 814
8Dayan Viciedo286 7 -2
9Kevin Youkilis 217 9 40
10Tyler Flowers 60 12 17
11Dewayne Wise 56 13 20
12Orlando Hudson54 10 0
13Eduardo Escobar 45 11 0
14Brent Morel 33 14 0
15Jordan Danks 32 15 5
16Brent Lillibridge 18 16 0
16Kosuke Fukudome  18 16 0
18Ray Olmedo 11 18 4

What I'm wondering is where Youk would be if he had been playing at this rate for the White Sox all season. He's been here for 55 games, and he's scored 217 points, or 3.95 points per game. Over the full 127 games the White Sox have played, that average comes out to 501 points.

Go ahead and look where 501 points would put Youkilis in these rankings. Maybe I should have included him in the MVP poll to the left of this post.

That being said, when combining Youk's numbers with the White Sox and the Red Sox, he's only at 307 points, which would put him in seventh place. Still, the production he's had since coming to Chicago has been fantastic.

In non-Youk news, look at Tyler Flowers and Dewayne Wise climbing up the chart! Finally, bench production!

Last week's rankings can be found here.

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