Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Week 17 Hitters Poll: A.J. Has A Record Week

This was supposed to be the season we all said goodbye to A.J. Pierzynski. He came into 2012 in the final year of his contract, and when July rolled around and the Sox were out of the division race, he was going to be shipped out to anybody looking for a catcher for a couple of mid-level prospects.

Instead we're two-thirds of the way through the season and he's hitting .293/.345/.551 with a career high of 21 homers (with a third of the season still to go!) and 62 RBI (his career high is 77 which he set during that one season in San Francisco).

Oh, and most impressive of all, he just had the best week in Hitters Poll history with 43 points.

1Alex Rios 440 1 35
2Paul Konerko363 3 14
3Alejandro De Aza 352 4 20
4Adam Dunn 350 2 -2
5A.J. Pierzynski 342 5 43
6Alexei Ramirez 292 612
7Gordon Beckham 255 74
8Dayan Viciedo247 8 -1
9Kevin Youkilis 162 9 34
10Orlando Hudson 53 10 0
11Eduardo Escobar 45 11 0
12Brent Morel33 12 0
13Tyler Flowers  24 13 5
14Jordan Danks 21 16 8
15Kosuke Fukudome  18 14 0
15Brent Lillibridge 18 14 0
17Ray Olmedo 2 NA 2

Yep, ever since coming back from his oblique injury, Pierzynski has shown superhuman powers. In his last six games (five starts) he's hit 5 home runs and driven in 12 runs. It's production like that which allows for both Adam Dunn and Dayan Viciedo to spend the week in the negative and still see the Sox go 5-1 since last weeks' polls.

It's also a week like that which overshadows another great week from Alex Rios (71 points the last two weeks) and Kevin Youkilis. Hell, things went so well for the Sox that even Tyler Flowers and Jordan Danks were finally able to get clear of Kosuke Fukudome and Brent Lillibridge!

Last week's rankings can be found here.

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