Friday, August 31, 2012

Tigers 7 White Sox 4: Wasted Oppurtunities

So maybe I was better off not being able to watch this one live.

My god, where to begin?

First, we'll start with the obvious. If you go 0-for-13 with runners in scoring position and leave 12 runners on base in a game you lose 7-4, well, you know what the problem was. The White Sox had plenty of chances to blow this game open, win it, and put all the pressure on Detroit heading into the final two games.

Instead nobody could come through when it was needed, and Jake Peavy had a pretty mediocre night when the Sox needed him to be at his best.

Jake walked 4 guys and allowed 9 hits while giving up 6 runs, and the problem with his control was that when he was throwing strikes, he was throwing them to the wrong place and at the wrong time.

The Detroit Tigers are not a team that you want to put first pitch strikes just over the middle of the plate against. The Yankees might take them because they like to work counts, but this Tigers team loves to swing at the first pitch.

Like when Miguel Cabrera opened up the scoring in the first inning with his two-run homer.

Speaking of Miguel Cabrera, why the hell weren't we bunting at him every chance we got? I know Hawk was harping on it in the booth, but the man was right to be doing so.

Cabrera was making it painfully obvious that he was in a lot of pain and was having a lot of trouble moving around on his ankles. After he tagged up from second on that fly ball to center field I thought he was going to need a crane to get him off the ground.

Yet we only bunted at him once. It was a terrible bunt by Gordon Beckham, but it worked! So why not do it again? If he's not a designated hitter tomorrow and the Sox don't bunt at him at least three times then I'll openly begin to question Robin Ventura's intelligence.

Keep in mind, I hate bunting. Yet this is one of those times when it's absolutely the smartest play to be making.

All those runners we left stranded at third? I bet we score a few more runs if we force Cabrera to make a play. Hell, we might force Jim Leyland to actually remove him from the game, and wouldn't that just make life a whole hell of a lot easier?

This isn't rocket science. It's fucking baseball.


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  1. Slightly misleading on the 0-for-13 with runners in scoring position. That's Avg. We were actually 1-13 in scoring in those situations (Paulie's sac fly). We weren't completely useless in that regard. Pretty useless, but not totally.

    Also, an argument could be made that we don't have enough good bunters on our team, and it would be easy to be so obsessed with bunting at him that it takes us out of our game plan. Not saying you're wrong, just that they might not be good enough to make the most of that strategy. I wish they were.


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