Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Carlos Sanchez Promoted To Charlotte

I normally don't cover the minor league promotions and demotions surrounding the White Sox farm system around here unless they directly impact the Major League team, but the Sox made a move on Wednesday that could have a large impact on the team next season.

The Sox announced that 20-year old Carlos Sanchez, widely considered the best prospect in the organization, was promoted to Charlotte.

Which, as far as the Sox are concerned this season, isn't a big deal. Sanchez started the season at Winston Salem and hit .315/.374/.395 before moving up to Double-A Birmingham.

In only 30 games with the Barons, Sanchez hit .370/.424/.462.

Odds are he's being called up to Charlotte because the Knights are 9 games up in their division and only a few days away from clinching a playoff spot. Which means that Sanchez will have more games to play in before the end of the season.

He'll then likely head to the Arizona Fall League with the goal of having him in camp during spring training in 2013.

Which is where this move affecting next season's team comes into play.

It seems that the White Sox have reached the point where they're ready to give Gordon Beckham some real competition at second base next season, and deservedly so. You can only have a sub-.700 OPS for so long before other options are considered.

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