Monday, August 13, 2012

Blue Jays 3 White Sox 2: Swing And A Miss

Stop me if you've heard this one before: Jake Peavy pitched 8 strong innings for the White Sox, but got hardly any run support in a White Sox loss.

Though at least Adam Dunn was kind enough to get Jake off the hook for the loss.

Yeah, the highlights tonight were Adam Dunn's two homers, the first of which was hit farther than baseballs should even be allowed to travel legally. The blast was measured at 467 feet, but hit hit about a half-mile up on the backdrop at Rogers Centre in centerfield, so I'm rather confident that thing would have gone about 550 feet if it weren't interrupted.

It probably would have killed four people when landing too, so maybe it's better it didn't.

Aside from those two solo shots, though, all the White Sox were really able to do tonight was perfect the strikeout. The Sox struck out 16 times tonight, though Tyler Flowers did reach first base on one of them since he decided to strikeout on a pitch in the dirt.

Which was the norm. Of the 16 strikeouts I recall many of them being on breaking balls playing in the mud. Alejandro De Aza was the worst offender, going down swinging at a breaking ball careening toward his toes like a kamikaze pilot four times. Tyler Flowers and Gordon Beckham also struck out three times apiece.

So those three accounted for 10 of the 16 whiffs.

The good news is Detroit looks well on its way to a loss tonight, so the division lead shall not suffer.


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