Friday, August 17, 2012

American League Power Rankings: Week 19

As has been the case for the last few weeks, the Rangers and Yankees once again swap positions in the power rankings. However, the top two sports aren't the only areas where teams are moving up or down.

In particular, it wasn't really a good week for anybody in the AL West except for the one team in the AL West that isn't supposed to matter anymore: the Mariners.

Everybody else moved down, some more than others.

1. New York Yankees (70-48): The Yankees not only went 5-2 this week, but they went 3-1 against the Rangers during a four-game series at Yankee Stadium. They also came back from a 4-0 deficit to take a lead yesterday and had a four-game sweep in sight before giving Texas 6 more runs. (2)

2. Texas Rangers (68-49): The Rangers have had a couple mediocre weeks as of late, but they've done so at a time when the rest of the division is actually playing slightly worse. It may end up costing them homefield in the AL playoffs, but it's looking like Texas will have time to set up its rotation at least. (1)

3. Chicago White Sox (65-52): The Sox are at a season high 13 games over .500 after going 5-2 this week, including winning three of four in Toronto. They've also expanded their lead over Detroit again this week, giving themselves an extra game cushion. Let's hope they don't lose it while in Kansas City. (3)

4. Tampa Bay Rays (64-54): They were supposed to be dead! Instead they went 5-2 this week and are 10-4 in August. The rest of the month won't be all that easy, though, as they start a series in Los Angeles tonight and still have to play Oakland and Texas. (7)

5. Detroit Tigers (63-55): The Tigers didn't play well enough this week to earn their way into the top five, this is more a result of Los Angeles and Oakland falling off than anything. Still, when you consider they're still ranked this high with how inconsistent they've played and you can understand how much talent this team actually has. If only it could play defense. (6)

6. Los Angeles Angels (62-57): Maybe this team should stop acquiring marquee players. After getting Pujols over the summer the Angels got off to a slow start, and now they've gone 7-12 since trading for Zack Greinke. (4)

7. Boston Red Sox (58-61): Has Bobby Valentine been fired yet? (8)

8. Oakland Athletics (62-55): The Athletics are one of the teams these rankings just don't like. Sure, going 2-4 during the week won't do them any favors, but considering this team's peripherals have just never been that strong, it doesn't take much to send them into a freefall here. (5)

9. Baltimore Orioles (64-54): Still totally confused. Seriously. Of the stats I used to compile these rankings, do you know how many the Orioles are ranked in the top half of the league in? Just one: win-loss record. This team is just trolling! (9)

10. Seattle Mariners (55-64): Felix Hernandez's perfect game helps vault Seattle over Toronto in the power rankings! It was totally worth it now! (11)

11. Toronto Blue Jays (55-63): I knew Toronto was getting destroyed by injuries but after seeing it up close the last four When Edwin Encarnacion missed last night's game it felt like the Sox were facing a farm team. (10)

12. Kansas City Royals (51-66): Oh no, the Royals are climbing right before facing the White Sox in a series this weekend. This is not a good sign. (13)

13. Cleveland Indians (54-64): Honestly, this ship is sinking and has been. That's why you keep throwing anything over 30 off the side of the boat. I mean, you're run differential is now -111. You know how many teams have differentials worse than that? Two. Colorado and Houston. Together they're a combined 84-151. That's a .357 win percentage!

14. Minnesota Twins (50-67): If this team had any kind of pitching whatsoever Cleveland is in last place. (14)

Last week's rankings can be found here.

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