Friday, August 10, 2012

American League Power Rankings: Week 18

I wasn't able to do the Power Rankings last week because I just didn't have the time to get them done thanks to a lot of preview work I had to do at the gig that actually pays me, but don't worry, they're back this week.

There's also quite a few changes as teams jockey for position down the home stretch.

1. Texas Rangers (65-45): The Rangers have been playing some average baseball, going only 7-6 since we last checked in, but they were still able to reclaim the top spot in the rankings. (2)

2. New York Yankees (65-46): The reason Texas was able to get back to the top was the fact that the Yankees went 6-7 during the same stretch. Thankfully they were able to salvage a series split with the Tigers this week, though I would have preferred a four-game sweep. (1)

3. Chicago White Sox (60-50): The White Sox went 7-5 over the last two weeks and actually expanded their division lead by a half game over that time, but they move up to third more for the way the Angels have been playing than anything that they've done themselves. (4)

4. Los Angeles Angels (59-53): Just when it looked like the Angels were finally going to make a run at Texas in the AL West, they go 5-8 over a two week span and are now in third place in the division, 7 games out of first and a game and a half behind the Athletics. Hopefully the Sox can help the Angels catch Oakland this weekend. (3)

5. Oakland Athletics (60-51): The Athletics have a better record than the Angels, and they've got a better pitching staff numbers-wise right now, but the disparity between the two offenses is what's keeping Oakland behind Los Angeles here. (5)

6. Detroit Tigers (60-52): The Tigers are going through a rather tough stretch at the moment. After playing four games against the Yankees this week they now head to Texas for a three-game series against the Rangers. Which means there are a lot of Rangers fans in Chicago this week. (6)

7. Tampa Bay Rays (59-52): I thought we were going to be writing the Rays off from postseason consideration last time I did these rankings, but they've gone 8-4 since and are right back in the wild card hunt. Which means it's probably a good thing they didn't move James Shields at the deadline. (7)

8. Boston Red Sox (55-58): Over the last three weeks the Red Sox are 7-13 and they can pretty much say goodbye to any thoughts of winning the AL East this season. That being said, they are still only 5.5 games out of a wild card spot, and if they can get some pitching over the final two months, that's well within reach. (8)

9. Baltimore Orioles (60-52): I'm sounding like a broken record with the Orioles, but I don't care. This team makes no sense to me! How do you get outscored by 53 runs over the course of the season yet hold on to second place in the AL East!? (11)

10. Toronto Blue Jays (53-58): Everybody on this team is injured. That's not an exaggeration. Okay, it's not much of an exaggeration. (9)

11. Seattle Mariners (51-62): Since we last checked in on the Mariners they traded Ichiro and haven't played all that bad since, going 7-5 the last two weeks. (12)

12. Cleveland Indians (52-60): Listen, Cleveland, I don't want to say I told you so like I was telling you all season long in these rankings, but I totally told you so. You have the worst run differential in the American League at -97 and it's finally starting to show in your record. That's how you accomplish a record of 2-11 in two weeks. (10)

13. Kansas City Royals (48-63): The Royals are in last place in the AL Central now, but they're still hanging on here in the Power Rankings. The bad news is KC's margin over the Twins is the slimmest it's been all season. The good news for the Royals is they still get to play the White Sox nine more times. (13)

14. Minnesota Twins (49-62): The Twins are 9-4 over the last two weeks, going 8-2 against teams not named the White Sox. If only you hadn't been so terrible for the four months before that, it might mean something. (14)

Last week's rankings can be found here.

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