Sunday, July 1, 2012

Yankees 4 White Sox 2: I Didn't Pay A Whole Lot Of Attention

I didn't really watch this game all that closely, so I wouldn't expect any real analysis on it from me.

I stopped watching just after Eric Chavez homered in the second inning to tie the game 2-2 so I could watch Italy and Spain in the Euro final.

While I was watching that game I also found out the final score of the Sox game by accident, and I hate watching sports when I already know the outcome. So, for the most part, I fast forwarded through the rest of the game.

What I saw was Robinson Cano hit a home run to give the Yankees a 4-2 lead and the Sox offense never really do anything after scoring 2 runs in the first inning.

While it's hard to be upset with a split in a four-game set at Yankee Stadium, it is still somewhat disappointing considering how the series started. I feel the same way about a road trip that finishes at 4-3 after starting at 4-1.

Life won't get much easier when the Sox return home on Tuesday to start a three game set against the Rangers, either.


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