Monday, July 16, 2012

The White Sox Are Throwing Their Hat Into The Zack Greinke Ring

This doesn't come as much of a surprise to me considering that Kenny Williams is the kind of guy that walks into a party, looks for the hottest woman in the place and decides she's the one he's going to ask to dance without caring whether or not she'll say yes or no, but it looks like Kenny really likes that dress Zack Greinke is wearing.

Or at least his arm.

Yes, according to Jon Heyman, the Sox have now jumped into the mix on Greinke.
The surprising White Sox now have Zack Greinke on their radar, scoures said.
The first-place White Sox have established themselves as the favorite in the A.L. Central to the surprise of many, and they are said to be hoping to make another second big splash on the trade market. Their trade for third baseman Kevin Youkilis has been a major hit.
The Braves, Angels, Rangers, Orioles and other also are expected to be in the Greinke derby.
As I already said in the Ryan Dempster post, and in this post right here, I am not surprised that the White Sox are interested. It makes complete sense that they'd be interested in Greinke, especially now that we don't know what's going on with Gavin Floyd.

That said, I still don't know how optimistic I'd be that this deal would happen. I just don't think the Sox have the kind of prospects they'd need to build a package for Greinke, at least not without including players from the current roster, and I don't see Kenny removing anybody from the 25-man roster to make a trade right now.

But I've been wrong before. Once. In 1989.


  1. There's no way all of those kids in the bullpen will pan out.

    I leave it up to KW to figure out which one(s) won't, and trade them while their value is high and before the rest of the league figures them out.

  2. Although, with all things considered, trade bait for Grienke and others might be A.J.? I think though that he is as important to our pitching staff as a another pitcher. He knows the pitchers on the team well. Tyler flowers is awesome and will be the future catcher of our team, no doubt about it. We need A.J. this year I feel.

    1. Why would the Brewers want a 35-year old catcher who is going to be a free agent after the season ends? The Brewers aren't trading Greinke to make a run at the postseason. They're trading him for prospects for the future.

      Also, trading Pierzynski does the Sox no good whatsoever. And I'm not sure how awesome Tyler Flowers is considering he strikes out 42% of the time he steps to the plate.

  3. I hear Floyd might be the offer, with a prospect. That would work.

    And no way is Tyler Flowers the future catcher of this team. His bat is atrocious and Buddy Bell has his work cut out for him finding us another prospect to develop.


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