Saturday, July 14, 2012

The White Sox Are Interested In Ryan Dempster

Hard as it is to believe at the moment, the trade deadline is just over two weeks away. Before the season began that was supposed to mean Sox fans would be getting ready to say goodbye to people like A.J. Pierzynski and Jake Peavy.

Luckily things haven't gone exactly like they were supposed to, and now the Sox are looking to buy at the deadline, with a starting pitcher being at the top of the wish list. According to ESPN, one starting pitcher that has drawn Kenny Williams' eye is already in the city limits.

Apparently the Sox are one of a few teams interested in the Cubs' Ryan Dempster.
With a little more than two weeks until baseball's trade deadline, 10 teams have shown legitimate interest in acquiring Dempster's services for the rest of the season, according to industry sources. Those clubs include the Los Angeles Dodgers, Cleveland Indians, Detroit Tigers, New York Yankees, Chicago White Sox and Atlanta Braves.
Now, with so many teams interested in Dempster, the price could be a little too high for the Sox. I would think the Cubs would like to wait as long as possible on moving him considering they have no need to rush, and there are pitchers like Cole Hamels and Zack Greinke reportedly on the block.

If you're the Cubs you wait until both of those guys have been moved and then let the teams that lost out on them up their bids on Dempster.

Which works against the Sox, as the Sox farm system isn't stocked with well regarded prospects.

Also, there's another part of the ESPN story that makes me doubt the White Sox will wind up with Dempster.
The Cubs have started, in earnest, to look at minor league players at the lower levels of almost every farm system. The organization is looking for young pitching in return for its veteran players, but, according to a baseball source who has inquired about trading with the Cubs, a well regarded third-base prospect is also very high on their wish list.
While there might be some young pitching in the Sox system that would interest the Cubs, that whole third base prospect part isn't. I mean, unless the Sox can convince Jed and Theo that Orlando Hudson is 21 or that Brent Morel isn't a 25-year old third baseman that already has back problems and a career OPS of .612 in the Majors.

So whether you fall into the Sox fan camp that wants or doesn't want Ryan Dempster coming to the south side, I don't think there's much of a need to feel either way.

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