Monday, July 23, 2012

White Sox 7 Twins 4: The Sky Stops Falling

So it turns out that the White Sox aren't going to lose their last 72 games of the season and finish 50-112 after all. That's good.

Monday night was a night of returns. We saw the return of Gavin Floyd, the return of Jesse Crain and the return of the White Sox in the win column. After the last week, it was very nice to see.

It was nicer to see the White Sox finally start hitting Francisco Liriano again as well, as Liriano had been pretty dominant against the Sox as of late coming into the night. Instead Liriano was greeted with a three-run homer by Paul Konerko in the first and then a couple of two-run bombs by Adam Dunn and Alex Rios in the third.

Liriano wouldn't survive the inning, nor would the Sox score again, but they wouldn't need to.

Gavin Floyd could not be described as sharp in his return. He loaded the bases with no outs in the first inning before using a double play to get out of the jam and allow only 1 run. It was a theme for the night.

Gavin walked 6 batters in only 6 innings and only struck out 1, but he also induced four double play grounders to ensure the damage was never too great. As a whole the Twins grounded into five double plays on the night, which helps explain how they only managed 3 runs in spite of 11 hits, 6 walks and 3 White Sox errors.

This win means the Sox are now only a game behind the Tigers in the division as Detroit was off tonight. Let's see if they can pick up another game tomorrow night.


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